19 Oct

Eliminate Shaving with Cosmetic Laser Hair Removal Services

permanent hair removal

Are you looking for a relatively painless solution for unwanted body hair? Midwest Medical Aesthetics is your answer! Using the innovative Alexandrite Laser Hair Reduction system, Midwest Medical Aesthetics provides laser hair removal that guarantees the permanent removal of unattractive and unwelcome body hair.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics’ laser hair removal is effective. The office can remove hair from everything from legs to arms, and all the sensitive areas (bikini lines and underarms)in between.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics can also perform Brazilian hair removals. The office caters to men, too. Many male clients opting for hair removal services target the chest and back hair, which Midwest Medical Aesthetics can also remove.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics’ FDA-approved lasers work by infusing hair shafts with disabling heat. By incapacitating the shaft, the hair is unable to grow and presto, permanent hair removal. There are no major side effects. Most clients report temporary irritation or swelling that fades away within hours, if they report anything at all.

Trash those scratchy razors and ditch those painful waxes! Take the itch, irritation and scarring out of your beauty routine and let Midwest Medical Aesthetics help you put your best bare, beautiful leg forward. Contact Midwest Medical by calling 913.327.7175 to schedule your hair removal procedure today!