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Get Rid Of That Unwanted Tattoo At Midwest Medical Aesthetics

We all make mistakes. Whether its forgetting to pay the parking meter or missing a loved one’s birthday, but thankfully few mistakes are as permanent as getting a tattoo you later regret. It used to be, you were stuck with that tattoo. In some cases this turned into something quite embarrassing in the wrong situations, but thanks to tattoo removal services in Kansas, your mistakes can be erased.

The Palomar Q-Yag 5 Laser system is a highly focused laser that moves through the outer layer of skin to contact with the tattoo or other pigmentation you want to remove. The tattoo ink absorbs the laser light. This light is changed into heat energy. The temperature raising causes the tattoo ink or pigmentation to break apart.

The lymph system removes the tattoo ink while the heavily pigmented parts of your skin are shed from the skin in about one or two weeks. Older laser treatments used to leave tattoo scarring where the skin would still show an outline of the tattoo, but with this improved technology the scarring is reduced if any occurs at all.

Lighter colors actually take more treatments than darker colors. This is likely due to the high power of the laser being closer to the lighter colors on the color spectrum. Usually the treatments will only take one or two extra administrations to remove lighter colored tattoos completely. Tattoo removal by Kansas professionals is reported with little discomfort.

Many patients equate the sensation of tattoo removal with being snapped by a rubber band. If these snaps are too much for you to bear, your doctor can offer local anesthesia. Most of the time, if you were able to stand getting the tattoo you should be okay with having it removed.

It takes typically 10-30 minutes for a treatment of tattoo removal in Kansas. For smaller tattoos this should be enough time to remove the whole design, but in some cases the tattoo removal will take longer. Treatments are scheduled between 6 and 8 weeks apart to allow for healing.

This gives your body enough time to properly do away with the waste particles of the tattoo removal. Immediately following the laser treatment, areas which were tattooed take on a whiteness and they will swell.

This is basically the equivalent to getting a first degree sun burn underneath your epidermis. The whiteness should dissipate after about a half hour. The swelling will last longer but can be cooled with an ice pack. The 6 to 8 weeks following will consist of the tattoo fading and being disposed of by the body.

14 May

Blemish and Tattoo Removal with Palomar Q-Yag 5

There are many reasons for removing a tattoo or blemish. When it comes to tattoos, some clients have a change in taste while others want to polish their image for an increasingly demanding and competitive job market. Others chose to remove pigmented lesions for personal reasons. The Palomar Q-Yag 5 provides results for a fresh image and a more professional look.

The PalomarQ-Yag 5 System removes tattoos and pigmented lesions such as sunspots, brown birthmarks and freckles using a high-powered laser. The laser light is absorbed by the tattoo ink or pigment without damaging the outer layer of skin. The absorbed light is then turned into heat, raising the temperature of the ink or pigments and diminishing it into tiny fragments that can be removed by the lymphatic system or shed naturally.

All results are not the same, though ultimately the vast majority of tattoos can be removed successfully. Results will depend on the tattoo’s depth, pigmentation and ink type. Green, brown, purple, light orange and light blue pigments require more treatment to remove. As for naturally occurring blemishes and pigmented lesions, sunspots, freckles and brown birthmarks respond well to treatment.

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