24 Jun

A Few Words from Our Satisfied Clients

At Midwest Medical Aesthetics, we build our business by executive each procedure for every client as if he or she was our only client. We are motivated by customer satisfaction, and word of mouth referrals propel us forward. Take a look at what some happy clients are saying about our services:

“I am thrilled that my breasts now look like they did 20 years ago. After having two children, they were flat and droopy. They now are up and perky. My husband loves the look too” -H.S.

“The Zerona treatments were relaxing and I was thrilled with the 5 inches I lost in 2 weeks. I continued with even more treatments and have lost 11 total inches. I love Zerona!” –A.C.

“I had transplants done in middle November of last year. It was an easy experience… no pain and I slept through most of it. I went out to dinner with my girlfriend immediately after the procedure and to work the next day. I experienced no pain, ever, during my recovery, had no down time and no loss of sleep or doing all my normal activities. I have no scars on my head, the hair is starting to grow and I am thrilled with my outcome. I am coming back for another round soon! Thank you for helping me with my hair problem. You are a confidence booster” — J.S.

If you are interested in any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our caring staff is informed on our array of products and are willing to answer questions that you may have. We respect clients’ privacy and aim to provide you with an experience that is pleasant and packed with positive results. For a consultation, call 913-327-7175 or you can request an appointment online.


22 Jun

Don’t Miss Out on June Specials

Midwest Medical Aesthetics offers quality services at competitive prices. Don’t miss out! Take a look at some of our great monthly specials before it’s too late.

New patients receive one area of Dysport™ free with purchase of an additional area. Dysport™ is a Botox™ alternative that is great for filling in fine lines and wrinkles. Consultations are free.  Call for details.

Men and women both can flaunt smooth skin this summer with Laser Hair Removal. Buy 3 areas and get the 4th for 50% off! Imagine, no more shaving your legs, under arms, back, or sensitive bikini zone; Brazilian services also available.

Take the smoothness beyond the surface with Accent Cellulite Treatments for only $300. Even out the lumps and bulges of cellulite to  reveal a more fit and youthful appearance.

Looking to keep your hair while adding volume and thickness? Midwest Medical is offering Neograft treatments for only $5 per transplant. That is an amazing deal for a healthy head of natural hair.

Revitalize your skin by removing old, useless cells and resurfacing the beauty beneath. Full-face Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments are now available for $1500.

Check our monthly specials page for more details.

17 Jun

Get the Most From Your Workout with Trans-D Tropin

If you’re working out, eating nutritious foods and still not getting the results that you desire, Trans-D Tropin might be the addition needed to reap optimal results.

Exercise is a vital element to your health regimen; congratulations for getting started! Trans-D Tropin is an excellent work out partner. It improves your athletic performance and promotes the development of lean muscle while decreasing fat. It also helps to increase your metabolism so that you burn fat longer, naturally!

Trans-D Tropin also carries benefits for mature adults. It minimizes the effects of aging, encourages hormonal balance and gives you a boost of energy. Feel youthful, longer with the support of Trans-D Tropin.

Other positive effects of the treatment include more peaceful and rejuvenating sleep as well as increased Hgh levels (without increased IGF levels).

With such a long list of benefits, Trans-D Tropin is worth looking into! Call Midwest Medical Aesthetics for more information and products. Trans-D Tropin is only one of many products that we offer to help your look your best.  Shop at our store for more!

Source: Trans-D Tropin

16 Jun

2011 Summer Beauty Trends

Midwest Medial Aesthetics has numerous ways to help you look your best this summer! Here are a few tips, trends, and products that will make summer beauty a breeze.

Makeup This season, makeup is going back to the basics: sheer foundations and a bold lip or eye color; if you’re daring, go for both! Midwest Medical offers makeup applications and permanent makeup, excellent for basic eyeliner and colors that you use year round. Permanent makeup is also good for those who have allergies to conventional makeup.

Features Lighten your brows to match your sun-kissed (or highlighted) hair with Eyelash and Brow Tinting. This will give you an overall appearance of fresh-faced youthfulness and post-beach radiance.

Skin Get the skin you’ll want to live in through a variety of custom facials! Our facials treat everything from acne to wrinkles while nourishing your skin and bringing out your natural beauty. Skin Classic removes minor blemishes such as hyper-pigmentation, acne, spider naevi, fibromas, cholesterol deposits, skin tags and other skin irregularities.

Put your best face forward this summer!

10 Jun

How Botox™ Helps You Stay Fresh for Summer

Botox™ is a well known wrinkle filler that can serve multiple functions. Check out this lesser known benefit of Botox, right in time for summer.

Did you know that Botox™ can be used to minimize excessive arm pit sweat? Sweating is a perfectly natural function of the human body. Unfortunately, some suffer from excessive sweating. Damp and stained clothing isn’t suitable for a professional appearance and may effect your reception during an important interview or meeting.

Underarm moisture also contributes to underarm odors. The dampness provides an ideal environment for the growth and development of stinky bacteria.  These issues are a problem for job seekers and anyone who wants to look their best in these warm summer months in Kansas City.

Don’t let your esteem or professional demeanor be effected by sweat. Botox™ can dramatically reduce the sweating in your underarm region. The results are a consistently fresh look where the only scent you’ll carry is that of your perfume or cologne. Wear light colors without worry. Less sweat means fewer pit stains.

To receive your Botox™ treatment contact Midwest Medical Solutions at 913-327-7175.

Source: lookmybest.net


09 Jun

Fight Cellulite for Your Dream Body

With swimwear season approaching, many clients want to know how to get their bodies in better shape.

Cellulite is a nagging reality for men and women. It plagues our thighs, buttocks, ad bellies as well as other parts of the body. Even with a low body fat content, it is still possible to accumulate cellulite. How do you get the summer body you’ve always dreamed about while fighting cellulite? Here is a simple tip from Midwest Medical Aesthetics to help you reach your goal.

Cellulite is simply dimpled fat; most often, it is dimpled fat over underdeveloped muscle. Some are more prone to developing cellulite than others based on genetics but it is still possible to minimize or eliminate its appearance. Getting rid of cellulite requires a combination of losing excess body fat and building muscle tone.

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) combines cardio exercises for weight loss and resistance training for building muscle. It’s the one-two punch that cellulite loathes! The goal is to maintain a fast-paced series of weight training sets that focus on different parts of the body. Calculate your resistance so that you can do 15-20 repetitions at a steady pace, with the last few posing a bit of a challenge. Alternate between upper body and lower body workouts.

For example, exercise your triceps using 10 lb dumbbells, 15 reps each at a steady pace. Then work your quads using 15 reps each at the same pace. Follow up that exercise with one that focuses on your deltoids.

Lose weight, tone your body and look excellent for the summer!

Source: LiveStrong

04 Jun

Accent Your Body Dual-layer Thermotherapy

Your skin naturally loses its elasticity and fullness overtime. You can get it back, naturally. Accent Dual-layer Thermotherapy successfully and quickly tightens skin and stimulates collagen production for natural looking results.

Accent is a revolutionary regimen that uses radio frequency technology to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin on multiple parts of the body. This non-invasive treatment is an excellent solution for loose, thin skin on the face, neck, and arms. Postnatal and post-surgical clients have also seen great results  on the breast, chest, abdomen, and thighs.

Receive firmer, younger looking skin with simple Accent treatments from Midwest Medical Aesthetics. Each treatment lasts for 45 minutes; generally, three to five treatments are recommended. Treatments are given at two week intervals. In about a month you can take years of wear off of your face and body! Results are visible immediately following the first treatment and continue to improve over time as your body produces more natural collagen.

For more information, call Midwest Medical at 913-327-7175.


02 Jun

Comfort and Confidence with Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty and Vaginaplasty are available through Midwest Medical Aesthetics. Both procedures are gaining popularity for their satisfactory results. Improve your comfort and confidence!

There are medical and aesthetic reasons for receiving labiaplasty. Medically, large or thick labia can result in irritation and discomfort when engaging in physical activity or wearing certain styles of pants. Aesthetically, large or asymmetrical labia may effect a woman’s confidence and thus, her sexual enjoyment.

The size and shape of labia are effected by genetics and childbirth. In either case, Labiaplasty can reduce and reform the labia minora and labia majora.

Vaginaplasty is the tightening of the vagina, often resulting in increased sensitivity. This procedure is commonly performed on women who have experienced multiple childbirths.

Both procedures are conducted at Midwest Medical Aesthetics in our free standing facility and are done under local anesthesia. If you have questions or would like to arrange a consultation, call 913-327-7175 .

Source: www.labiaplastysurgeon.com

28 May

Drink to Your Health!

The Midwest Medical Store offers an array of products to promote health inside and out! This week, we will take a look at a few drinks that may make your daily water intake fun, flavorful, and easy.

Aqualyte transforms your regular water into an antioxidant rich alkaline beverage. Simply pour the contents of the sachet into distilled water. The water is then purified through reverse osmosis, turned into water that is better able to hydrate your body with a great taste and the added benefits of free radical-fighting antioxidants!

Let’s face it.  At best, water tastes like…water. Flavor Drops give water and shakes a boost of flavor for more enjoyable consumption without adding calories. Looking for a fresh spin on flavorings? Flavor sprays also transform  your water into a flavorful, calorie-free beverage. The sprays are easy to take with you on the go.

Check out what else in store at Midwest Medical Aesthetics!


26 May

Edible Masks for Eyes and Face

Want a homemade remedy for natural skin care? Here are a few delicious recommendations to try!

Face Maybe you’ll spend too much time in the sun this Memorial Day and your parched skin needs some TLC. This cooling, soothing yogurt face mask is good for many skin types. You’ll need:

  • 1 tablespoon of yogurt at room temperature. Do no use low fat or non-fat yogurt.
  • 1 teaspoon of soft honey. If your honey is firm, pop it in the microwave to soften it up a bit.


  • 3-4 drops of lime juice for oily skin
  • An additional teaspoon of honey for dry skin

Smooth mask onto skin and allow it to stand for 10 minutes. Remove mask with a warm, wet face cloth.

Eyes Eyes show signs of aging and lifestyle habits like no other part of the body. Unfortunately, most masks aren’t suitable for the delicate skin around the eyes. Try this eye mask for bright, youthful eyes:

Cucumber Drops are an age old secret. Many of us have tried placing cucumber slices over our eyes but its not the most comfortable or convenient of treatments. Try juicing the cucumber and smoothing the liquid around your eyes. You can still read and watch TV while its working. Juicing the vegetable releases its helpful properties faster.

As with any new skin care product, it is a good idea to do a sample test on an inconspicuous spot of your skin before applying the full mask.