14 Jun

5 Ways to Keep Up Appearances While On the Go


During the busy summer season, there’s no doubt that we will all be on the go. Whether it’s a fabulous coastal vacation or just a day of running errands, its important to keep yourself polished and your  body nourished. From someone who knows a thing or two about staying busy, E! Entertainment host Giuliana Rancic has a few tips on what we can do to keep up appearances this summer.

  1. Make Water Your Drink of Choice – “I’m not a big water person, but I force myself to keep drinking it on the plane. For every hour I’m in the air, I drink eight to 10 ounces to keep my skin from drying out.” Tip: Try our Water Flavoring Sprays to make drinking it a little easier.
  2. Lather Up on Sunscreen – Guiliana suggests an oil-free sunscreen with a high SPF to avoid having those baby freckles show up, which can make your skin look aged.
  3. Stay Bronzed – Keeping a bronzer on hand allows you to give your face a quick glow, making your skin look healthier.
  4. Keep Lip Gloss Handy – Even when you don’t have time to apply all of your make up, wearing a simple gloss instantly adds color to your face.
  5. Bring Extra Hair Ties – For those emergencies when you need a quick pony tail, bun, or braid, hair ties are a life saver.

We’re sure there are many more ideas that our readers have for looking good on the go, so feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!


14 Jul

Achieve a Younger Luminous Look With Portrait®

You can actually generate new skin that is clearer, tighter and more radiant with Portrait Skin Treatments at Midwest Medical Aesthetics in Kansas City. This treatment works both on the surface and beneath the surface to regenerate skin that continues to improve in appearance throughout a whole year. After a simple 15-minute full face procedure, you will see instant results that only get better with time. You’ll see a very notable reduction of lines and wrinkles while brown spots and hyper-pigmentation will disappear completely. Over the next year your complexion will become increasingly smooth, firm and blemish free.

Backed by years of research and hard science, Portrait PSR Skin Treatments use the latest technology and is the only treatment that is proven to generate new skin. It does not employ a laser or light treatment. Rather it actually stimulates natural growth factors that increase collagen cells beneath the surface of your skin to restore a beautifully younger tone and texture.

Achieve a youthful, radiant appearance right before your eyes with the safest most effective skin regeneration treatment in the industry here at Midwest Medical Aesthetics. Contact us at (913) 327-7175 to learn more about our Portrait Skin Treatment and schedule an appointment today!

13 Jul

Update To Our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Workshop!

Ideal Protein Weight Loss System

WOW…I’ve received a lot of feedback regarding our last post about out weight loss workshop and a we are almost totally booked for the  Diet Workshop on Tuesday July 19th at 6:00 p.m.  In fact we only have space left for 10 more and that’s it!  You can bring a friend if you like just let me know as soon as possible so we can make sure your space is reserved.

One more very important issue.  In my email about the Ideal Protein System, I’ve received some feedback and there are some who think , “Oh, this is the same as the Atkins Diet”.  That couldn’t be farther from the actual facts.

The Ideal Protein System and the Atkins High Protein Diet…
are Totally Different!

  • Atkins is meat based ….Ideal protein is whey, soy (plant not the bean), milk, egg (vegetarian, non GMO, no MSG)
  • Atkins is heavy on the fat….Ideal protein is just the right amount of fat
  • Atkins is eat as much as you want of certain foods, Ideal protein is more controlled in portion sizes
  • Atkins is very low carb….Ideal protein is just the right amount of carbs in order to reset the pancreas.

Our Pancreas are overworked with the processed food in our diet which is spiking the insulin in our bodies all of the time. Carbs are lowered and then re-introduced later in the weight loss in order to give the pancreas a rest.

The benefits of this system are truly amazing.

  • You are not hungry….no diet pills or hunger management pills
    need to be taken
  • You do not have any cravings because your blood sugar is stable
    and you are full
  • You have no afternoon energy slump
  • You have lots of energy
  • You don’t feel like you are on a diet because you are eating healthy,
    delicious foods (all the foods are almost all protein but look and taste
    like high carbohydrate foods!)
  • You Feel Great!

This plan works wonders on cellulite (you can actually do this plan to lose cellulite even if you do not need to lose weight).

My typical daily diet includes:

  • Breakfast:  Cheesy Omelet (Ideal Protein)
  • Lunch: Huge salad (2 cups of various veggies along with tons of different types of lettuce
 with Walden Farms dressing on it (can also use some olive oil)
  • Afternoon Snack: At 3 p.m. I have a Ideal Protein Snack which is southwest cheese curls, or a cup of 
soup or a delicious pudding.
  • Dinner: Huge salad again along with 5-7 oz of a lean protein (chicken, beef, 2 eggs, fish, soy)
  • Snack before bed: Ideal protein pudding, drink, soup or jello.

Ideal is actually less expensive to do, weight loss is 2-7lbs weekly, you eat much more food, you eat delicious foods, there is no monotony of the same foods, no shots, and it’s easy for those who travel (just need the packets and a small blender bottle and EVERY restaurant and even fast food places have salad!)

Come in on the Tuesday July 19th for the workshop to experience the Ideal Protein System for Yourself.  To reserve your spot for this life changing workshop, just respond to this email or call our office.

Space is limited – ONLY 10 SpotsLeft – So Act Now!

Here’s to Looking Your Best…

Kathleen Stegman Ed.D, RN

P.S. Our Artefill/Bellafill™ Day with Summer Sizzling Specials has been re-scheduled to August 4th.  Only 15 appointment slots are available.
P.P.S. We also have other systems like HcG, Zerona, Lapex, and Accent.  Find out which one is right for you by scheduling a weight loss consult!

10 Jul

Herbalogica Body Contouring Wrap

Enjoy a spa experience at Midwest Medical Aesthetics that will improve your health and zap away inches instantly. Midwest Medical Aesthetics is happy to offer Herbalogica Body Contouring Wrap. As an all-natural program, Herbalogica Body Contouring Wraps successfully treat a variety of health issues such as weight loss, wellness, fibromyalgia, immune recovery, hormone balancing, candida and arthritis. Using Herbalogica products, the body contour wrap detoxes the liquid waste system. The results are not only felt but are seen in a loss of inches and reduction of cellulite.

Feel and see the difference of natural, long-lasting improvements to your health and wellness with our available Herbalogica Natural Skin Care line. See how radiant your skin can be with the Green Tea Cleanser, Apricot Exfoliator and Anti-Cellulite Lotion. Get the weight loss results you want faster with the Cellulite Cleanse, Fiber Blend, Appetite Appeaser and Exercise Gel. Boost your overall health with the Body Purifier, Nutritional Shake, Antioxidant and Herbal Stress Relief.

To schedule your Herbalogica Body Contouring Wrap or to learn more about our Herbalogica Natural Skin Care line, please call Midwest Medical Aesthetics at (866) 854-7181 today!

09 Jul

Reserve Your Spot For This Life changing Weight Loss Workshop

Life Changing Weight Loss Workshop

Reserve your spot for this life changing workshop on Tues. July 19th, at 6:00 p.m.

Space is limited so act now!

I’ve made an amazing discovery and I want to share it with you on Tuesday July 19th, where we’re going to have a weight loss workshop to show you:

  1. how you can still eat delicious foods, not be hungry and…lose 3-4 pounds per week;
  2. samples of Ideal Protein Foods so you can see and experience the taste of great food;
  3. talk frankly about weight and the problem with the pancreas and insulin working properly;
  4. how the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is an easy 4-phase medically designed protocol that helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue.

It’s not your fault if you haven’t been able to shed those troublesome pounds. Let’s face facts…most of us have tried different types of dieting plans and we’ve ended up back where we started. To fully understand what is happening, we need to know how certain types of foods are processed and how our bodies burn fat.

25 years ago by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, MD PhD, Developed an amazing protocol in France. He focused his career and research on nutrition with a particular emphasis on the treatment of obesity and obesity related issues.

His discovery of how your body employs energy from three reserves: glycogen (carbohydrate), protein and fats was a medical breakthrough in the treatment of weight loss. First from the understanding of how simple and complex carbohydrate reserves when depleted, turns simultaneously to its protein and fat reserves for energy.

Simple and complex carbohydrates can prevent weight loss. The body stores approximately three days worth of carbohydrates. Because of this, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method has a beginning and an end… until 100% of the weight loss goal is achieved.

One of the key ingredients to success is the restriction of sugars (simple and complex). Why? Because, as long as sugar is being consumed, the body is not burning fat.

The main principle is to deplete the glycogen (carbohydrate) reserves completely in order to compel the body to turn to its fat reserve to burn calories. How do we get the body to burn its fat reserves and not its muscle mass reserves, if both are depleted simultaneously? By providing the body with foods that have a high protein value, complete with 8 essential amino acids, 97% absorbable, which make them biologically-complete proteins. A dieter will feel energized, look vibrant and feel strong.

What You Can Expect…

Based on over 25 years of experience and 5 million people in Europe, Canada, and the United States, the program enables the following:

  1. On average, women lose weight at the rate of 3 to 4 pounds per week and 4 to 7 pounds per week for men
  2. Quick weight loss without sacrificing muscle mass
  3. An understanding of how food affects and is utilized by the body, including what causes
  4. fat storage
  5. Improved energy, appetite control and reduced cravings – usually on day 4 or 5

To reserve your spot for this life changing workshop, just email us or call our office.

Here’s to Looking Your Best
Kathleen Stegman Ed.D, RN

P.S. Our Artefill/Bellafill™ Day with Summer Sizzling Specials has been re-scheduled to August 4th. Only 15 appointment slots are available.

06 Jul

Imagine Not Having to Apply Makeup for 5 Years!

You can stop sitting in front of the mirror for several minutes a day to apply your makeup and get out and live your life! Midwest Medical Aesthetics offers Permanent Cosmetic Makeup. Using the age-old art of tattooing we apply the color and look you want by applying pigments into the dermal layer of the skin to give you a permanent fresh appearance. Just two 1 hour procedures, and you can have hassle-free and waterproof permanent makeup anywhere from 2 to 5 years!

The Permanent Cosmetic Makeup procedure can include eyebrows, eyeliner and lips so that you can have defined eyes and full, even lips all day long even after exercising, showering and swimming! Permanent makeup is great for both men and women who are busy, allergic to conventional makeup or athletic. It’s also great for those who have unsteady hands, alopecia or physical impairments, and it can be perfect for those looking to correct asymmetrical facial features.

Gain permanent confidence and make your appointment today for Permanent Cosmetic Makeup by calling (913) 327-7175.


03 Jul

Your Perfect Summer Tan in Minutes at Midwest Medical

In mere minutes Midwest Medical Aesthetics can give you the beautifully bronzed body that would otherwise take a whole summer at the beach to achieve and for an unbeatable price, too! Midwest Medical Aesthetics’ Air Mist Tanning ensures the perfectly even tan with a cosmetic specialist who sprays you instead of utilizing a booth that can leave a splotchy, uneven tan. For only $45, you will look as if you just returned from a luxurious Caribbean vacation without having to expose your skin to the sun’s harmful rays.

Achieve a radiant sun-kissed color to look your best before a wedding, special occasion or high-class event. Your stunning tan will last a whole week. Remember before you go for your Air Mist Tan to shave the night before or the day of your appointment, but do not apply any moisturizer the day of the appointment. Remove all makeup  and be sure to wear loose clothing and sandals to let the product dry. Call (913) 327-7175 to make your appointment now!

30 Jun

Be Bathing Suit Ready: Waxing & Laser Hair Removal

Our mission at Midwest Medical Aesthetics is to improve the quality of your life, and we know that when you look good, you feel good. That’s why summer is the perfect time to take advantage of our waxing and laser hair removal services.

We offer waxingfor any area of the body, but we recommend our waxing service particularly for areas on the body where you have unwanted grey or blond hairs. Our Alexandrite Laser Hair Reduction, on the other hand, is perfect for areas with darker hairs such as your arms, underarms, legs and bikini line.

Clinically proven to be permanent, Alexandrite Laser Hair Reduction works by admitting a laser light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft. The laser light creates excessive heat that disables the hair follicle while all you feel is a tingling sensation.

With the bathing suit season in full swing, you will be able to immediately enjoy the benefits of leaving behind unwanted hair, shaving and skin irritation while gaining back your free time and smooth skin.


30 Jun

Get Rid Of That Unwanted Tattoo At Midwest Medical Aesthetics

We all make mistakes. Whether its forgetting to pay the parking meter or missing a loved one’s birthday, but thankfully few mistakes are as permanent as getting a tattoo you later regret. It used to be, you were stuck with that tattoo. In some cases this turned into something quite embarrassing in the wrong situations, but thanks to tattoo removal services in Kansas, your mistakes can be erased.

The Palomar Q-Yag 5 Laser system is a highly focused laser that moves through the outer layer of skin to contact with the tattoo or other pigmentation you want to remove. The tattoo ink absorbs the laser light. This light is changed into heat energy. The temperature raising causes the tattoo ink or pigmentation to break apart.

The lymph system removes the tattoo ink while the heavily pigmented parts of your skin are shed from the skin in about one or two weeks. Older laser treatments used to leave tattoo scarring where the skin would still show an outline of the tattoo, but with this improved technology the scarring is reduced if any occurs at all.

Lighter colors actually take more treatments than darker colors. This is likely due to the high power of the laser being closer to the lighter colors on the color spectrum. Usually the treatments will only take one or two extra administrations to remove lighter colored tattoos completely. Tattoo removal by Kansas professionals is reported with little discomfort.

Many patients equate the sensation of tattoo removal with being snapped by a rubber band. If these snaps are too much for you to bear, your doctor can offer local anesthesia. Most of the time, if you were able to stand getting the tattoo you should be okay with having it removed.

It takes typically 10-30 minutes for a treatment of tattoo removal in Kansas. For smaller tattoos this should be enough time to remove the whole design, but in some cases the tattoo removal will take longer. Treatments are scheduled between 6 and 8 weeks apart to allow for healing.

This gives your body enough time to properly do away with the waste particles of the tattoo removal. Immediately following the laser treatment, areas which were tattooed take on a whiteness and they will swell.

This is basically the equivalent to getting a first degree sun burn underneath your epidermis. The whiteness should dissipate after about a half hour. The swelling will last longer but can be cooled with an ice pack. The 6 to 8 weeks following will consist of the tattoo fading and being disposed of by the body.

24 Jun

Claim your Complimentary Facial & Body Brush System

Ultra Cleanse Face and Body Spa Brush

Well things are certainly heating up for Summer at Midwest Aesthetics.  And to prove it for the rest of June and the month of July (while supplies last) I’m giving away a complimentary Ultra Cleanse Face and Body Spa Brush Treatment Set that is used at Spas… for anyone who books an appointment for any of the following services:

  • Laser liposuction
  • Cool Lipo
  • Body Jet Lipo
  • Natural Breast Augmentation
  • Fat/Weight Loss Programs
  • Lapex Lipo Laser
  • Zerona Lipo Laser
  • Hcg Diet
  • Accent Body / Face Toning / Tightening Laser
  • Other Weight, Fat & Detoxification Diets
  • Botox/Dysport™ Treatments
  • Restylane
  • Perlane
  • Radiesse
  • Selphyl
  • Artefill
  • Sculptra
  • Neograft Hair Transplants

Call us Toll Free To Make Your Appointment at (866) 854-7181

This professional system is designed to gently exfoliate, cleanse and smooth your face while stimulating circulation. The deep cleansing exfoliates and cleanses the pores of make-up, environmental toxins and oils. Unlike other products, this brush rotates which provides a professional level cleanse.

Features Include:

  • Rotating facial brush for deep cleansing, microdermabrasion and exfoliation of the face and body
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by deeply cleaning pores and extracting bacterial
  • Exfoliates and cleanses the pores of leftover make-up and ensure clean skin from head to toes
  • Aids in clearing of skin and product absorption, can be used for self tanner removal and exfoliation
  • Waterproof, perfect for use in the shower or spa.

So if you want to Look Your Best this summer for family events, reunions, parties, vacations or whatever, now’s the perfect time to book your appointment…and get a complimentary Professional Facial and Body Brush System.  Just respond to this email or give us a call.

Remember…Aging is Optional!

Kathleen Stegman,  R.N., M.A.