19 Nov

Get Glowing Skin With the Help of 3 Snacks

Green Tea

In the race against time, you may have sought ways to improve your skin’s appearance. While cleansers, creams and lotions certainly play a part in taking care of your skin, there is more to beautiful skin than external products. Outside beauty begins with how you treat your inside. So, your skin is what you eat! Here are three foods to consider that can help give your skin a luminous glow.

  1. Green Tea – Green tea has gotten a lot of attention over the past few years and for good reason. The antioxidants found in green tea help cleanse the skin by pushing out toxins. This also lends the skin more elasticity, helping skin appear more vibrant and pliable.
  2. Almonds – Obtaining beautiful skin can be as simple as eating a nutritious snack. Almonds are not only delicious, but also good for clarifying dull skin tissue. The vitamin E that almonds contain is natural fighters of free radicals. Looking for an astringent? Eat some almonds instead!
  3. Orange – Beautiful skin is as close as that morning glass of orange juice, so stock up on oranges! Vitamin C  from oranges are collagen boosters and skin becomes firmer. Say bye-bye to those bags under your eyes.

Have you found any other great snacks that are both healthy and good for your skin? Don’t keep them all to yourself, share them with us in our comment section!

11 Oct

Midwest Aesthetics Center Clients Say It Best!

Midwest Medical Reviews

Over the years here at Midwest Aesthetics Center, we a have learned more than enough about the ever-improving cosmetic industry. We have added new cosmetic products and treatments to our services, and we have even taken on completely new services such as the incredible DreamCatchers. But time after time, what impresses us most about Midwest Aesthetics Center is the responses we receive from our fabulous clients!

The entire team at Midwest Aesthetics Center is dedicated to helping our clients achieve exactly what they want for their bodies and so we are always thrilled to hear from enthusiastic clients. Today we would like to take a look back at some of the testimonials from some of our clients and share them with you all. If these customers inspire you the way they inspire us, you can learn more about our treatments and procedures simply by calling Midwest Aesthetics Center at 913.327.7175!

“I have to send a thank you to Midwest Aesthetics Center! I worked the HCG plan along side their HCG supplements and today is my last day. If anyone needs a kick start to get swimsuit ready THIS IS GREAT!!! I have lost 31lbs as of today in ONLY 24 days!!! Call Midwest Aesthetics Center!! TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!”


“The Zerona treatments were relaxing and I was thrilled with the 5 inches I lost in 2 weeks. I continued with even more treatments and have lost 11 total inches. I love Zerona!”


“I came to your office looking for help with my flabby arms. I hated them. Within a few treatments with the Accent laser, they were firming up. The treatments felt like a nice warm massage and the results were great! I can’t wait to work on all my body parts now”


“I wanted natural looking breasts and also didn’t have time for recovery from regular breast implants. What an easy procedure, really no recovery time and the new look is awesome. I may even come back for more!”


“Kathleen, I was so pleased with Samantha and the job she did on my extesions. I just love her and am so happy with the job she did. I am looking forward to continuing to use her for my extensions and am relieved to have finally found someone that I look forward to doing business with for the long haul. I have tried so many hair services and extensions and have never been satisfied until now. Thank you so much for growing your business to include this service.”

Sharon K.



27 Sep

Avoid Fall Weight Gain with Healthy Habits

Fall Weight Gain

Fall is officially in the air here in Leawood and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. The fall season brings with it fabulous opportunities to try out new trends, new products, and new services at Midwest Medical,so there is plenty to look forward to this autumn.

Among all the good news this fall however, there is also a bit of bad news. According to a professor at Sam Houston State University in Texas, we actually tend to eat 200 more calories per day during the fall. This increase in calorie intake isn’t even blamed on the holiday season; it’s actually attributed to a number of reasons including the end of summer weight gain and desires for comfort food during cooler seasons.

The best way to keep this weight off is to stick to your health basics. Continue eating intentionally, staying active, and taking care of your body. When you carefully monitor your lifestyle habits, you’ll find that keeping weight off is easier than ever.

If you need a little extra help getting rid of excess weight, don’t worry – at Midwest Medical Aesthetics, we have you covered! Stop by today to chat with us about our weight loss programs and liposuction services.


23 Sep

Learn About Cosmetic Surgery Without Setting Foot in an Office

Midwest Medical Cosmetic Procedures Videos

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, you’ve got options–a lot of them.

From smoothing wrinkles to lifting eye lids to enhancing the features that already make you fabulous, cosmetic surgery has never been better. Neither has the information and resources available to help you determine exactly which treatments are right for you.

One of the best resources for women interested in learning about their options is the Midwest Medical Aesthetics website, which features an assortment of videos with information and examples of real procedures. The top of the site reads, “Aging is optional,” and based on all the information presented on the site, you’ll find that we have a lot of options!

Unlike other medical facilities, Midwest Medical Aesthetics doesn’t deliver the hard sell. Instead, we provide clear, accurate information through high-quality videos that allow you to learn all you’ll need to know about every procedure–without ever stepping out of the comfort of your own living room or spending a dime.

Thinking about hair removal? No problem, watch the video.

Trouble with acne? Don’t worry about it, Midwest Medical Aesthetics can find a solution that’s right for you.

Think of their website as a friend who’s been there, done that … and gives you the best answers to your questions!

20 Sep

Supplement Weight Loss Strategies with a Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most commonly skipped meal.  Ironically, it is the most important meal to eat. So why should you do your best not to skip breakfast during the hustle of your morning routine?

For starters, your body goes into a state of hibernation when sleeping, and eating literally “breaks” that “fast”.  It kick starts your metabolism into high gear, gives you energy to get through the next few hours, and makes you healthier in general.  It’s one of the most effective pieces to weight loss programs.

Breakfast should keep you lean — think about 25-30% of your daily calories.  These calories should be spread out to be about 50% carbohydrates, 25% (healthy) fats, and 25% protein.  The carbohydrates provide quick energy used to both replenish your depleted stores and move you through the day.  Healthy fats such as avocado and nuts digest slowly to prevent sudden hanger pangs.  Protein keeps your body satiated (full) and allows your body’s hormones to return to normal levels.

Working with professionals like those at Midwest Medical will enable you to continue moving with your life while knowing you are in good hands.  Whether you are structuring weight loss programs or undergoing cosmetic treatments (or hair cuts!), working with licensed professionals is crucial to maintain a high level of safety, and to get your desired results!

13 Sep

Have You Checked Out Midwest Aesthetics Center Online Lately?

Midwest Medical Aesthetics

Of course we love sharing our latest products and services with readers right here on the Midwest Aesthetics Center Blog, but did you know that you’ll find plenty more information on our website?

At Midwest Aesthetics Center, we are thrilled to offer our clients the best of everything in cosmetic services. Since our specialties and services entail so much, you’ll find most of this detailed information on our website. Once you are on our site, here are some additional great features that you’ll find.


  • Videos of the Cosmetic Treatments and Surgeries
  • An Informative List of all of our Services
  • A detailed List of our Specialty Hair Services
  • A Complimentary Prescription Discount Card
  • An Updated List of our Monthly Specials
  • Testimonials from our Happy Clients!

To stay updated on the latest trends and services in medical aesthetics, make sure that you have subscribed to our Blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

30 Aug

Top 3 Beauty Myths Busted!

Beauty Myths

The first place we typically hear of the best and latest in beauty news is from our own friends and family. And so of course we’re all ears when someone has a new product or service they’re ready to dish about. Although girl talk is often a fabulous place to learn, it also tends to be the place when beauty myths flourish. Someone hears a myth, believes it, and then shares with friends. Keeping up with what is true and what isn’t is important – so we’ve gathered for you the truth about the top three beauty myths!

Myth #1 – Tweezing makes hair grow back thicker.

Actually, hair texture is much more likely to be influenced by hormones and genetics.

Myth #2 – Sleeping on your side causes wrinkles

Well sort of, sleeping on your side or on your stomach causes sleeping wrinkles that aren’t necessarily indefinite wrinkles. To cut down on these wrinkles though, try sleeping on your back or on a satin pillowcase.

Myth #3 – Regular trims make hair grow faster.

This one couldn’t be further from the truth. The pace of hair growth is determined by plenty of other variables such as diet, genetics, and overall health. Wishing this one was true? Try hair extensions!

Do you have any other beauty “secrets” that you think might be myths? Share them with us and we’ll dig up some research for you!


28 Aug

Get the Best Eyebrows for Your Face Shape!

Heart Shaped Face

One of the wonderful things about our bodies is how each and every one is so different. We each create our own beauty routines based on different needs. Some of us may be hoping to lose a few inches around the waist, while others are hoping to add a few inches around the chest! Whatever the items are on your beauty wish list are, they must be customized to suit your unique needs. One of the most obvious examples of this type of customization is your eyebrow shaping which depends greatly on the shape of your face.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best eyebrow shaping for your face’s shape.

For a square face, a thicker brow line is good option for maintaining a natural and balanced look.

For a round face, an arched eyebrow is the best way to create an oval look that opens up your eyes and elongates the face.

For a longer face, the best eyebrows shape would be a longer one. A low arch allows the face to be opened up sideways.

For a heart shaped face, try shaping brows into a round arch to soften the pointed look of a chin.

Looking for more tips and expertise on the latest cosmetic tips and procedures, stay tuned to the Midwest Medical Aesthetics Blog and contact us by calling 913.327.7175 to schedule an appointment today!


08 Aug

How to Get Rid of Sunburn and Keep Your Party Face On

Beauty Tips

You might have already run into this issue so far this summer. It is, after all, one of the easiest beauty pitfalls to fall into during this sunny season and we don’t even have to tell you about the long term damage it does to your skin. If you think we’re referring to a sunburned face, you’re exactly right!

Not only is a facial sunburn pesky, but it also tends to ruin our make up plans. To get rid of the redness and keep your party face on, just follow these tips!

First, begin with a clean face (use a natural, soothing face wash) and rub ice on the affected areas to refresh the skin. This reduces the swelling and redness.

Then, apply a layer of an aloe vera moisturizer which will help your face heal more quickly.

Next, when you can’t get away with not wearing make up, apply a green tinted primer followed by a yellow based foundation. These products offset the redness of the sunburn and bring your face back to a natural color. Then apply your make up as usual.

Have any of our readers had to deal with this situation so far this summer? Did you find any other great fixes? Share them with us below!


19 Jul

One Trick to Instantly Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Eyeliner Tricks

Though we love new products and services to make our skin feel brighter and younger, sometimes a simple make up trick is all it takes to give your face a boost. That’s what we recently learned anyway in a recent Glamour story about Heidi Klum.

The model is known for her fabulous style and great looks, so any insight into her beauty routines is always worth a mention. To make our eyes look bigger, many of us use special mascaras, eyelash curlers, or shadow techniques, which are all fantastic. But if you look closely, Heidi uses an extra trick – she applies light (white or light peach) eyeliner on her bottom lash line to give her eyes a brighter, bigger look. It’s a very subtle change but the effect is dramatic!

Sharing little beauty tricks like this is one of the reasons we love having a blog for you all. If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure you’re receiving your Midwest Medical Blog posts right in your inbox each week.

Do you have any beauty tricks of your own? Don’t keep them all to yourself – we’d love to hear them!