10 Feb

Crucial Facts About Cosmetic Fillers and You!

Crucial-facts-fillers-woman_clockIt seems that we are bombarded with the miracle of how we can turn back the clock and look younger simply by using any number of the plethora of cosmetic fillers on the market. Simply by injecting this products we are told it will have age-reversing abilities and will change our lives.

BUT the real truth is that the product by itself does not necessarily mean you’ll get the results you want. Otherwise anyone, even you, would be able to just insert a small needle in the desired area and get perfect results. I mean that’s what a lot of people do who are diabetics or have epi-pens for certain life threatening allergies.

It’s a fact that dermal fillers have revolutionized the field of cosmetic dermatology. But most people don’t understand how important the role of the dermatologists and/or cosmetic surgeons is.

Let me ask you, if you had a life threatening disease which required surgery, would you want a surgeon that had just graduated or one that has successfully performed that operation thousands of times? It’s not just a question of the product, it’s one of what you do with it!

There are many factors to be considered that most people never think of. So it’s important that if you are considering dermal fillers that you do the research to find someone who is experienced in the following areas.

Knowing how the skin ages: Fillers are just one tool used in anti-aging treatment, and the process of aging does not occur uniformly in all areas of the face. So it’s imperative that the person administering the fillers is knowledgeable on your type of skin and how it ages.

Being knowledgeable about the various types of available fillers: There are a host of fillers available, so it’s imperative to know about the various fillers, their ingredients, particles per mg, cross-linking, the presence of any additives and their shelf life before and after opening the filler.

Being familiar with the technique: There are various methods of injecting dermal fillers, and some of them can be associated with lumps, if administered incorrectly.

Being up to date regarding the approval status of the filler. Many people don’t realize it, but the procedure of injecting dermal fillers is considered to be a medical procedure and hence there is a quality check conducted by various approval bodies in various parts of the world to assert the authenticity and safety of the products.

So…who are you going to trust with your Skin?

Crucial-facts-fillers-woman_make_upOur core business is in this area of expertise.

I established Midwest Medical Aesthetics Center as the first freestanding medical aesthetics clinic in the Kansas City area and my clinic has been and is still the most comprehensive medical aesthetics facility in this area for over 18 years.

Whether you’re interested in:

Botox Dysport Restylane – Juvederm Perlane
Artefill Radiesse Selphyl Sculptra

or any of a number of wrinkle fillers and facial volumizers, we are experts in sculpting faces.

Why do my patients trust me?

My patients tell me time and again that the reason they trust me with their skin is because I have the distinct ability to analyze their face and know where to place the fillers and which ones to use. They also keep coming back because my focus is on making them look BETTER not just younger.

They often tell me horror stories…

…about how other spas will inject fillers without even considering how the injection will look in relation to the rest of the face. And even though my patients tell me they would pay just about anything for my services, I still offer the best prices in town.

I offer Complimentary Consultations to review your individual concerns so you can make an educated decision on the most important part of any procedure, and that is YOU! Schedule an appointment on our website or just give us a call for further information.

28 May

Artefill/Bellafill™ Injectable Wrinkle Fillers

Botox™ Kansas CityThe official first day of summer is just weeks away, so it’s time to make yourself shine for all those fun events.  Graduations, weddings, reunions, pool parties…fun, fun, fun!  You’re ready for all the action, but are wrinkles making you look tired and older than you feel?

For many, this time of year tends to accentuate the effects of aging, particularly on the face.  And that’s why so many people are seeking ways to rejuvenate their skin.

To rejuvenate the face, it’s essential to consider color, texture, tone, tightness and volume – with volume being what really makes the difference for a lot of people. Volume can added in order to eliminate wrinkles and hence restore a more youthful look.

Did you know that on average, we all lose about a teaspoon of volume in our face every year from about the age of 25?

 Botox™ Kansas City atefill-event-banner

To keep my patients looking young, I recommend Artefill.  Why?  Artefill/Bellafill™ is everything a facial filler should be: natural looking; long lasting, convenient and requires little recovery time with little or no side effects.  And Artefill/Bellafill™ is the first and only FDA-approved permanent filler for the correction of wrinkles known as smile lines.

Smile your way through summer without the deep wrinkles and laugh lines!  Midwest Medical is the only spa in your area authorized to perform this procedure, and space is limited, so don’t hesitate…call our office today to reserve your spot!

09 Nov

Bring Back the Youthful Look With the Help of Botox™ Treatments!

Botox Injections

As we age, our bodies take on many new stresses. Because of the strenuous lifestyles led by many of us we begin to see that stress play out in the form of gained weight, stiff muscles, and new wrinkles. Many of these effects can be treated with lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, but for wrinkles, we must take more dramatic steps. Fortunately, the treatment for wrinkles can be very simple and you have probably already heard of the most effective form of wrinkle treatment. Botox™ is a well known and respected wrinkle treatment that many of our clients adore.

With a procedure that feels like just a simple pinch, your skin will quickly see the impact of the treatment. Wrinkles will fade and your skin will take on a more youthful, healthy appearance. We typically use Botox™ in areas of the face such as on the sides of the eyes, across the forehead, or between the brows. These are the areas plagued by wrinkles and fine lines.

These Kansas City Botox™ injections last up to six months and are a simple way to rid yourself of those pesky wrinkles! To learn more Botox™ and our latest cosmetic treatments, simply contact Midwest Medical Aesthetics by calling 913.327.7175!

31 May

3 Supermodels Reveal Their Secrets on How to Age Gracefully

supermodel aging tips

A recent article in Allure entitled “How to Age Like a Supermodel,” immediately caught our eye. Who wouldn’t want to take aging advice from supermodels who continue to look fabulous? Here are tips on how to age beautifully from 3 of today’s hottest supermodels.

Carolyn Murphy, 38

  • Says she never enjoys the outdoors without keeping a bottle of sunblock with zinc handy.
  • Says the best aging advice she ever received was to drink lots of water and maintain a plant-based diet.
  • Says she does meditation for 10 minutes a day to reduce stress.

Cindy Crawford, 46

  • Says she does old fashioned resistance workouts including lunges and lifts at least three times a week.
  • Says everyday she applies vitamin-c serum in the morning and moisturizer with sunscreen after work outs; she then she uses a glycolic pad before bed a couple of times a week.
  • Says she sticks to one weight and avoids crash diets that cause weight fluctuation and skin stretching and contracting.
Christie Brinkley, 58
  •  Says she eats sensibly not just for weight-management, but to feel her best.
  • Says she never stops moving; she incorporates easy exercises like squats and leg lifts into everyday activities like blow drying your hair.
09 May

Honest Reviews of In-Office Cosmetic Treatments from ELLE Editors

Credibility is the key to results! For men and women seeking cosmetic treatments, it’s important to obtain recommendations or positive reviews before finally deciding to purchase a product or service. That’s why we thought our readers might be interested to know that the editors of top fashion magazine, ELLE, recently provided very honest reviews and as well as the stories of their personal experiences with Botox™ and IPL treatments. Here’s what they had to say.

  • Botox: The editors at ELLE highly recommend Botox™ injections as they saw fantastic results that still look natural after only the first injection. They do advise, however, going to an experienced doctor and skipping the numbing cream if possible.

“Hands down, Botox™ is the easiest way to get rid of wrinkles.”

  • IPL Facial Therapy: ELLE editors say that this treatment is highly effective, especially for certain skin issues like rosacea. Don’t worry if freckles appear slight darker immediately after as they will gently peel away a few days after.
“Seriously life-changing.”
Men and women in the greater Kansas City area seeking these treatments can receive them under medical supervision at Midwest Medical Aesthetics. To read more cosmetic treatment reviews, visit our post on Artefill, another leading skin treatment. Call MMA at 913-327-7175 to schedule your appointment today!




18 Apr

Sugar & Aging: Can Sugar Really Cause Wrinkles?

A recent article in Elle magazine explores the science behind the effect that sugar has on our body, particularly our skin. Here’s an excerpt from the article that paints a picture of what happens when sugar molecules enter your system.

“. . . They bombard the body’s cells like a meteor ¬shower—glomming onto fats and proteins in a process known as glycation . . . The proteins in skin most prone to glycation are the same ones that make a youthful complexion so plump and springy—collagen and elastin.”

Unfortunately, it is in fact true that sugar can contribute to the signs of aging in our complexion. This is because when sugars attach to proteins, they become weaker and discolored, and the visible effects of this process come in the form of wrinkles, dullness and loss of elasticity.

But there is good news! While glycation cannot be avoided or stopped, it can be slowed with the right skin care products and treatments.

Let Midwest Medical Aesthetics help you reverse the damage of sugar villains with our industry leading skin care products and anti-aging treatments. Learn more by calling our med-spa in Leawood, Kansas at 913.327.7175.


31 Dec

Looking Good Generation-X!

Television ads have not just increased sales of prescription drugs but recent studies have shown an upward trend in cosmetic procedures as well. The unusual twist to the study is the Baby Boomers, who are the target market, aren’t the one’s taking advantage of these procedures. It’s the Generation-X adults between the ages of 31 and 45.

Surveys have indicated that as pressure increases to look young, more of the Generation-X bracket are investing in Botox™ injections, fillers, chemical peels and liposuction.

The onslaught of media advertising in addition to the fact that cosmetic surgeries and procedures no longer carry the stigma they once did, have also contributed to the increase, a recent poll conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery showed.

Procedures have become safer and in many cases require little or no recuperating time and the changes can be subtle. For example Botox™ can be injected during a patient’s lunch hour and they can return to work looking nothing except well rested!

Why not call 913-327-7715 and schedule an appointment today with Midwest Medical Aesthetics to learn more about how they can help you look your very best.


30 Jul

Research Shows Botox™ Treats Wrinkles with Less Sessions

After presenting the research at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Washington, D.C., it was recently published in the June 2011 edition of the scientific peer-reviewed journal Dermatologic Surgery that patients receiving Botox™ can reduce wrinkles with half as many sessions after 20 months.

Performed by the Oregon Health & Science University’s Casey Eye Institute, the research showed that after a patient receives Botox™ Cosmetic treatments every four months for two years, the patient can then reduce the frequency of injections to every six months and still see the same wrinkle-reducing results.

These findings as well as the fact that Botox™ injections also have a wrinkle-preventing or prophylactic effect result in great flexibility in treatment schedules so patients can get the exact desired results for the best price.

To learn more about Botox™ Cosmetic treatments at or to schedule your appointment at Midwest Medical Aesthetics today, please call 913.327.7175 or request an appointment online.

Information courtesy of Medical News Today.

10 Jun

How Botox™ Helps You Stay Fresh for Summer

Botox™ is a well known wrinkle filler that can serve multiple functions. Check out this lesser known benefit of Botox, right in time for summer.

Did you know that Botox™ can be used to minimize excessive arm pit sweat? Sweating is a perfectly natural function of the human body. Unfortunately, some suffer from excessive sweating. Damp and stained clothing isn’t suitable for a professional appearance and may effect your reception during an important interview or meeting.

Underarm moisture also contributes to underarm odors. The dampness provides an ideal environment for the growth and development of stinky bacteria.  These issues are a problem for job seekers and anyone who wants to look their best in these warm summer months in Kansas City.

Don’t let your esteem or professional demeanor be effected by sweat. Botox™ can dramatically reduce the sweating in your underarm region. The results are a consistently fresh look where the only scent you’ll carry is that of your perfume or cologne. Wear light colors without worry. Less sweat means fewer pit stains.

To receive your Botox™ treatment contact Midwest Medical Solutions at 913-327-7175.

Source: lookmybest.net