20 Apr

Differentiating Sunscreen Myth from Reality

America’s consciousness of skin health as soared in the last few decades. We have progressed as a society from encouraging women to roast in the sun like fried eggs to warning about the dangers of tanning without the proper skin protection. Tanning beds have largely been replaced by safer alternatives like spray-on tans, and more and more women have begun to embrace the natural tone of their skin.

All of this points to the fact that sunscreen is a very important puzzle piece in the quest to avoid sun-damaged skin and skin cancer. But more studies are popping up every year to warn of the dangers of conventional sunscreen. Can something considered so essential for skin protection actually be damaging us just as much asor more thanthe sun? Read More

10 Apr

Prepare Now for Summer with Laser Hair Removal

Unless you plan to spend your entire summer in the coldest, darkest regions of Alaska, chances are you are going to be seeing some sun and sand this season. For men and women alike, this means bearing your skin in a bathing suit and hoping you feel comfortable and confident enough to avoid spending the day hiding under a t-shirt or sundress.

Laser hair removal can help you feel more attractive than ever before, and the results will last you far beyond the summer. Toss your razor out and get ready to say hello to the smoothest, sexiest skin you’ve ever had. Read More