26 May

The Advantages of Dermal Fillers Like Dysport, Restylane-Lyft and Belotero

There’s no doubt about it, as we age, the passing years can take a toll on our appearance. Of course, to a certain degree this is a very natural part of getting older; and to an extent, it’s okay to embrace subtle lines… after all, they can give your face character!

However, what’s not so easy to love is sagging, dull skin, or deep, harsh wrinkles. These signs of aging tend to develop as a result of over-exposure to UV light, or due to lifestyle choices, such as smoking and drinking heavily. Read More

19 May

Lose Weight Fast: The Benefits of the hCG Diet

According to data taken from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in 2010, the country is currently in the midst of an obesity pandemic. More than 2 in 3 adults are recognized as overweight or obese, and 1 in 20 are considered to be extremely obese, which is acknowledged as a serious threat to health.

However, most people in this situation are desperate to lose the weight, but unsure where to start. This is particularly the case for those who have a lot to lose; and sometimes, the prospect of losing several stone in weight can deter people from even trying. Read More

12 May

The Facts about Spider Veins and How to Get Rid of Them

Vein problems are very common in the US. In fact, around 50% of women suffer from some sort of vein problem, and over half of all sufferers are over the age of 50.

Spider veins are one of the most common forms of unsightly vein. They’re smaller than varicose veins and are also closer to the surface. Spider veins are generally fairly noticeable, as they’re red or blue in color. The reason for their name is largely due to their appearance, which looks a little like a spider’s web. Common locations for spider veins include the legs and face. Read More

05 May

Why is Everyone Going so Crazy about Dermarollers?

Dermarollers are fast becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments available. But just what is it about this procedure that makes it such a firm favorite among celebrities and beauty treatment fans alike?

Here’s a brief guide, outlining just how dermarollers can help to transform the appearance of your skin.

Aging Skin…

When younger, we take our fresh, smooth skin for granted. However, as we get older, our skin starts to change. Thanks to lifestyle, UV sunlight and of course, natural aging, it starts to sag and wrinkle. It can also lose its natural glow, looking dull, dry and unhealthy. Read More