28 Jun

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In honor of the upcoming Social Media Day on June 30th, we wanted to remind you that Midwest Aesthetics Center is active on Twitter. We’re using this platform to make special announcements about Midwest Aesthetics Center and share our favorite beauty tips – and you don’t want to get left out! So be sure you take a moment to follow us on Twitter!

27 Jun

Look As Young As You Feel with Sculptra® Aesthetic

Sculptra Aesthetic

Though aging brings with it the opportunity to take in more wonderful memories, it also brings the inevitable, outward signs of aging. Rather than letting these outward signs take over, many of our clients choose to maintain their outward appearance based on how they feel inside. That’s why so many of them are choosing to use our Sculptra® Aesthetic services.

A clinically proven, long lasting treatment, Sculptra® works wonders to restore the signs of facial fat loss (also known as lipoatrophy.) Its an injectable implant that contains microparticles of poly-L-lactic acid to restore lost facial volume. The process is a gradual one and it could last for up to two years!

For aging skin, there are so many treatments available to take advantage of. Ensure that your outward appearance stays as lively and vibrant as you feel inside by contacting Midwest Medical Aesthetics at 913-327-7175 today.


25 Jun

Messy Is the New Pretty This Summer!

Messy Summer Hair - Braid

We have seen the summer styles take shape over the last few weeks and there is one thing we can say – along with the bright colored tops and skinny jeans, the newest trend to surface this summer is messy! That’s right, messy updo’s have become a go-to look for heading out to the beach or just running errands. And though on first thought this look may seem a little unkept, we think this is a perfect way to show off those locks this summer without putting in too much effort. Here are some of our top picks for the messy summer look.

A Loose Braid

Wild Waves

A Tousled Bun

A Wavy Pony


If you think your hair might be a bit too short for these styles, ask us about our DreamCatchers hair extensions. With these extensions, your hair will feel natural and you can showoff the looks we featured above. It’s a stunning way to start off your summer!

Have you found your go-to hair style for summer yet? Tell us about it!



21 Jun

Getting the Low Down on Summer Skin Care

Summer Skincare

One of the most essential aspects of our beauty routines is maintaining our skin. After all, make up can only go so far and without proper skin care, even the best make up can fall short. That’s why we consider sunscreen one of the ultimate ingredients to a proper beauty regimen, and especially during the summer, sun protection is invaluable.

To protect your skin from the sun this summer, here are a few sunscreen tips from Self Magazine!

Check the Expiration – If you aren’t able to find the expiration date on the bottle, its better to play it safe and toss you sunscreen after one year.

Rub in the Spray Sunscreen – Since its harder to see spray on sunscreen, make sure that an even layer is sprayed on (you should be able to see the shiny layer) and then rub it in for optimum coverage.

Reapply even with Make Up – Reapplication of sunscreen is so important, so don’t skimp out just because you’re wearing make up! Simply add on a layer of tinted SPF – this will keep your skin protected and your make up flawless.

You’ll also find that our ColoreScience Pro collection includes cosmetics recommended by dermotologists to protect against environmental factors such as the sun. Learn more about these skincare options and more by calling 913.327.7175!


20 Jun

Welcome Summer with a Bronzed Glow!

Air Mist Tanning

Since today is officially the first day of summer, what better way is there to kick it off than with a golden tan? The tanning options of today far exceed those we had in the past and with healthy, stunning options for tanning this summer, your skin will thank you.

Air Mist Tanning is the best option for maintaining the sun-kissed look without the damaging effects of the sun or tanning beds. What’s more, the ingredients in our tanning solutions even help moisturize skin, ensuring that your body gives off a beautiful bronze glow rather than the splotchy effects of inferior solutions.

To ensure that the solution is applied evenly and customized to your body, our tanning technicians do the spray tans themselves. The horror stories you’ve heard about spray tanning simply don’t happen when a custom spray tan is given.

This summer marks a new era for summer skin care and Air Mist Tanning is just one of the beauty regimens to take advantage of. Contact Midwest Medical Aesthetics at 913-327-7175 to schedule your spray tan today!


14 Jun

5 Ways to Keep Up Appearances While On the Go


During the busy summer season, there’s no doubt that we will all be on the go. Whether it’s a fabulous coastal vacation or just a day of running errands, its important to keep yourself polished and your  body nourished. From someone who knows a thing or two about staying busy, E! Entertainment host Giuliana Rancic has a few tips on what we can do to keep up appearances this summer.

  1. Make Water Your Drink of Choice – “I’m not a big water person, but I force myself to keep drinking it on the plane. For every hour I’m in the air, I drink eight to 10 ounces to keep my skin from drying out.” Tip: Try our Water Flavoring Sprays to make drinking it a little easier.
  2. Lather Up on Sunscreen – Guiliana suggests an oil-free sunscreen with a high SPF to avoid having those baby freckles show up, which can make your skin look aged.
  3. Stay Bronzed – Keeping a bronzer on hand allows you to give your face a quick glow, making your skin look healthier.
  4. Keep Lip Gloss Handy – Even when you don’t have time to apply all of your make up, wearing a simple gloss instantly adds color to your face.
  5. Bring Extra Hair Ties – For those emergencies when you need a quick pony tail, bun, or braid, hair ties are a life saver.

We’re sure there are many more ideas that our readers have for looking good on the go, so feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!


09 Jun

Glamour’s Top Tips for a Less Scary Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season should be a time to shine not a time to hide. But sometimes, a woman is her worst critic. So we consulted one of our favorite beauty sources, Glamour, for their top tips on how to stress less and strut more this summer in that hot bathing suit.

  1. Start by getting a fantastic fake tan.
  2. Try to avoid shopping for swimsuits after a big meal.
  3. Don’t pay attention to numbers; remember, the average women is actually a size 14 suit.
  4. Pick a swimsuit that is true to your personal style.
  5. Try mixing and matching different types of tops and bottoms to find the most flattering combination.
  6. Use patterns and fabric detailing to draw attention to your best features.
  7. Be a little picky about the fit of the suit, but don’t drive yourself crazy.
  8. Don’t forget to accessorize; and remember, that a little confidence always looks good!
In just a few visits to Midwest Medical Aesthetics in greater Kansas City, you can be wearing your swimsuit with pride. Contact us at 913.327.7175 to learn about our fabulous spray tans, laser hair removal, weight loss treatments and fat removal procedures and to schedule your complimentary consultation today.
06 Jun

Get Ready for Summer with June Specials at Midwest Aesthetics Center

weight loss

It’s time to lose the weight and lose the cover-up! Midwest Aesthetics Center in greater Kansas City can help you hit the beach with confidence this summer with the most extensive selection of weight loss and fat removal treatments in the city. With our fantastic specials this month, you can slim down quickly, safely and cost-effectively with little to no down time. Here are a few of our incredible services that are available in June at a reduced price.

  • Purchase the Ideal Protein 1-Month Weight Loss Plan for only $549.
  • Receive the ever-popular HCG Prescription Injections now $450 for 23 days and $650 for 40 days.
  •  Get 9 sessions of Zerona Fat Loss Laser or Lapex Spot Fat Reduction for only $899.
  • Treat one body area with Accent Body Tightening and Volume Reduction for only $400.
  • Enjoy the Whole Body Vibration Treatments for only $10 for 10 minutes or the Power Plate Whole  Body Vibration Sessions for only $10 each.
  • Receive a Body Wrap for only $85 in office, or take a kit home for only $50.
  • Finally, you can receive our special B12 Lipo Injections with fat busting ingredients for only $30 each or 5 for $100.
Be sure to the visit the Midwest Aesthetics Center website to learn about the rest of our June cosmetic specials on great products, facials, injections, wrinkle fillers, facial volumizers and other skin treatments and procedures.
Get the bikini body you’ve always wanted this summer; call MMA in Leawood, Kansas at 913.327.7175 to schedule your complimentary body analysis today.