31 May

3 Supermodels Reveal Their Secrets on How to Age Gracefully

supermodel aging tips

A recent article in Allure entitled “How to Age Like a Supermodel,” immediately caught our eye. Who wouldn’t want to take aging advice from supermodels who continue to look fabulous? Here are tips on how to age beautifully from 3 of today’s hottest supermodels.

Carolyn Murphy, 38

  • Says she never enjoys the outdoors without keeping a bottle of sunblock with zinc handy.
  • Says the best aging advice she ever received was to drink lots of water and maintain a plant-based diet.
  • Says she does meditation for 10 minutes a day to reduce stress.

Cindy Crawford, 46

  • Says she does old fashioned resistance workouts including lunges and lifts at least three times a week.
  • Says everyday she applies vitamin-c serum in the morning and moisturizer with sunscreen after work outs; she then she uses a glycolic pad before bed a couple of times a week.
  • Says she sticks to one weight and avoids crash diets that cause weight fluctuation and skin stretching and contracting.
Christie Brinkley, 58
  •  Says she eats sensibly not just for weight-management, but to feel her best.
  • Says she never stops moving; she incorporates easy exercises like squats and leg lifts into everyday activities like blow drying your hair.
28 May

Smile with Self Confidence


According to an article from She Knows Health & Wellness, the physical act of smiling improves your state of mind.

“The mere act of putting your mouth in the shape of a smile changes the blood flow to the brain and actually makes you feel happier. The fact that smiling itself boosts your mood has a further positive impact because smiling has a contagious effect.”

And as we all know… when you look good, you feel good. And this is not just a saying. There is in fact research to show that how we feel about our appearance affects how we feel about ourselves, as psychologist Ann Demarais, Ph.D. confirms.

A sparkling, white smile can therefore be very empowering. It allows you to live in the moment, pose for photos with pure confidence and show others the real you!

Men and women looking to improve their smiles to improve their confidence can call on Midwest Medical Aesthetics in Kansas City. We offer the industry’s leading whitening treatments and cosmetic gum surgeries. In just a few visits we can lengthen teeth through the application of crowns and whiten teeth to really shine. So go ahead, call us at 913-327-7175 to schedule an appointment and start smiling!

23 May

5 Signs of Aging Skin Besides Wrinkles

anti-aging treatments kansas

While wrinkles are always the no. 1 issue that we are concerned about with age, there are other signs of aging skin that can be treated to take years off of our appearance. Divulged in a recent DailyGlow article, here are the 5 most noticeable signs of aging skin other than wrinkles.

  • You refuse to leave the house without concealer.
  • You don’t feel your moisturizer working as well as it used to.
  • You have become insecure about smiling for photos.
  • You have been hiding under tops with higher necklines.
  • You have noticed clusters of dark spots.
And while there are countless anti-aging products to choose from today, DailyGlow cautions readers that it is in fact possible that these products can become the problem rather than the solution. Using anti-aging products too often or too aggressively or choosing ones with the wrong ingredients for your skin can actual end up causing dryness, flakiness, discoloration or rough patches.
Midwest Medical Aesthetics in Leawood, Kansas has the medical skills, experience and treatments necessary to help men and women achieve permanent results that allow them to look and feel younger. Contact us at 913-327-7175 to schedule your complimentary skin analysis today!
17 May

Save $100 on Allumera During Our One-Day Sale on May 31st

allumera skin treatment kansas

Imagine being able to knock 10 years off your appearance with a simple, topical cream! Now you don’t have to just imagine because Allumera is a new, non-invasive photodynamic topical cream that has been scientifically proven to improve the appearance of skin. The light activated topical technology treats discoloration, fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles enlarged pores and problems due to sun exposure.

Here at Midwest Medical Aesthetics, we have already helped dozens of men and women in the greater Kansas City area achieve younger, more radiant complexions with the new Allumera treatment. And on May 31st, we are going to help even more by offering Allumera at a special discounted price of only $399 per treatment (that’s $100 less than the regular price)!

Here are some of the results you can expect based on a survey of people three months after their last Allumera treatment:

  • 93% reported softer skin
  • 91% reported skin felt more hydrated, moisturized and smoother
  • 89% reported improvement in skin texture
  • 86% reported skin looked and felt healthier

Book your appointment for the Allumera treatment on May 31st at Midwest Medical Aesthetics in Leawood,Kansas by calling 913-327-7175 or by requesting an appointment online. Hurry and book yours today before our schedule for May 31st fills up!

15 May

Latest Study Shows Demand for Cosmetic Fat Removal Procedures has Increased 134%

fat removal kansas city

According to a new press release, The Patient’s Guide has published the results from a new study on cosmetic fat removal procedures. So far this year, the demand for non-surgical fat removal has surged by 134 percent. The report says that the significant increase in demand for these procedures is due to the new technologically advanced and non-invasive procedures that are now available. The data for this study was gathered from the top 205 aesthetic medical practices in the nation that offer non-surgical fat removal.

CEO and Co-Founder of The Patient’s Guide Jasson W. Gilmore told the press that the latest non-surgical treatments are ideal for patients who wish to get rid of stubborn fat rolls.

“Not every individual needs traditional invasive techniques like liposuction or tummy tucks. A much larger market exists for weight-conscious Americans who consistently diet and exercise, but need help attaining their ideal weight goals.”

The press release also notes that the 30 percent of the total demand comes from men, showing that these non-invasive procedures are becoming increasingly attractive to the male demographic.

Midwest Medical Aestheticsoffers non-surgical fat removal procedures including Zerona Body Sculpting to men and women in the greater Kansas City area. Contact MMA at 913-327-7175 to schedule your complimentary consultation today.

09 May

Honest Reviews of In-Office Cosmetic Treatments from ELLE Editors

Credibility is the key to results! For men and women seeking cosmetic treatments, it’s important to obtain recommendations or positive reviews before finally deciding to purchase a product or service. That’s why we thought our readers might be interested to know that the editors of top fashion magazine, ELLE, recently provided very honest reviews and as well as the stories of their personal experiences with Botox™ and IPL treatments. Here’s what they had to say.

  • Botox: The editors at ELLE highly recommend Botox™ injections as they saw fantastic results that still look natural after only the first injection. They do advise, however, going to an experienced doctor and skipping the numbing cream if possible.

“Hands down, Botox™ is the easiest way to get rid of wrinkles.”

  • IPL Facial Therapy: ELLE editors say that this treatment is highly effective, especially for certain skin issues like rosacea. Don’t worry if freckles appear slight darker immediately after as they will gently peel away a few days after.
“Seriously life-changing.”
Men and women in the greater Kansas City area seeking these treatments can receive them under medical supervision at Midwest Medical Aesthetics. To read more cosmetic treatment reviews, visit our post on Artefill, another leading skin treatment. Call MMA at 913-327-7175 to schedule your appointment today!




02 May

4 Scientifically-Proven Ways to Lose Weight in 30 Days

Here at Midwest Medical Aesthetics we can help you lose weight fast in a safe, comfortable and healthy environment with full medical supervision. We have four scientifically-proven weight loss treatments that can allow you to finally achieve your absolute best figure without having to deal with hunger, special foods, exercise, pain or any downtime! Here are our 4 steps to permanent and healthy weight loss success.

  • HCG Weight Loss Diet Plan: Oral or injected treatments to lose 1 to 2 pounds per day for 23 or 40 days
  • Zerona Body Sculpting: Non-invasive body slimming treatments using laser technology
  • Accent Your Body: Controlled heat therapy for volume reduction, skin tightening and cellulite reduction
  • Lapex Lipo Laser: Innovative and world-renowned method for removing unwanted fat
Swimsuit season practically here, so there’s no better time to achieve the figure of your dreams! We guarantee immediate results that get even better with time. Call Midwest Medical Aesthetics in Leawood, Kansas at 913-327-7175 today to schedule your free consultation.