30 Apr

Acid That Is Good For Your Skin?


There are all sorts of bad acids. Excessive stomach acid, acid-based cleaners, and acid washed jeans are just a few harmful types you want to avoid. We’ve found two good acids that are beneficial for your body and won’t hurt your sense of style.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) include citric, glycolic, and malic acid. These acids gently exfoliate, getting rid of old cells that dull the skin. You are left with fresh, smooth skin! AHAs also make your skin’s thickness more uniform. Products with AHAs are easy to find, as many skin care products boast AHAs on the ingredients list.

Hyaluronic Acid is excellent when used wisely. It is an agent for water retention, used to add volume to lips, fill in skin wrinkles, and decrease the depth of tear troughs.  Some products add hyaluronic acid to their products but the molecules are too big to be effective. Hyaluronic acid works best when injected directly into the skin. Results typically last from 3 -9 months.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics is Kansas City’s number one source for topical, surgical, and injectable methods to achieve younger looking skin. Call 913-327-7175 to schedule a consultation.

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29 Apr

3 Ingredients to Defend Your Skin

There are numerous techniques to maintaining healthy, younger looking skin. Kathleen Stegman, R.N., M.A. of Midwest Medical Aesthetics recommends a papaya face mask, which is a natural skin remedy that tastes delicious! You can also use widely available face creams, just be sure that they contain one of more of these skin-pampering ingredients:

1.) Sunscreen – Sunscreen acts as a protective barrier between you and the elements: UVA and UVB rays, dry air and more. Sun damage is the main culprit of wrinkles, discoloration and hyper pigmentation.  Many people go without sunblock, not considering their sun exposure while waiting in traffic or running errands. Use sunscreen year round and even on days when you don’t anticipate outdoor activities. Many face creams come with SPF 15 sunblock and above.

2.) Antioxidants- Antioxidants are free radical fighting heroes for your skin. They’re composed of natural vitamins and nutrients and come from a variety of sources such as grapes, coffee berries and green tea. Without antioxidants, our skin is vulnerable to discoloration, wrinkles, and even certain types of cancers.

3.) Retinoids are derived from vitamin A. They are proven to restore collagen in the skin and are frequently included in skin care products to release debris from pores and even skin tone.

Before buying any skin care product, check the label! A bit of research goes a long way to healthy, radiant skin.

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29 Apr

May Cosmetic Specials Introducing LashDip

May Cosmetic Specials Lash Dip

Midwest Medical Aesthetics is announcing our May Specials on Cosmetics in Kansas and we’re also proud to announce that we’re offering a new cosmetic product called Lash Dip which is being touted as The Future Of Eyelash Enhancement! Simply come in or call us toll free at (866) 854-7181 for more information.

For the month of May you’ll find the following special at Midwest Medical Aesthetics:

  1. $50.00 rebate on Dysport
  2. $50.00 rebate on Perlane
  3. $50.00 rebate on Restylane

Make sure to come back again soon as we’ll be posting more information about LashDip and make sure to call us for more information about this amazing eyelash product!

…And Remember, Aging Is Optional…

24 Apr

Can a BrightWhite Smile Improve Your Life?

According to recent studies, 99.7%  of respondents state that an attractive smile is an important personal asset. 74% of those interviewed also say that an unattractive smile could be a disadvantage during interviews and during overall career success. Unfortunately, only 63% of people think that they look their best when they smile. Your smile effects your confidence and your confidence effects multiple areas of your life. Give your confidence and your life a boost with BriteWhite.

BriteWhite uses Blue LED technology to gently whiten teeth without softening the enamel or damaging the pulp. The key to success lies in the combination of unique gel and LED light that is concentrated at a special wavelength. The gel is made of  Carbamide Peroxide and is one of the safest gel whitening components on the market. When used with the laser, you can whiten teeth without heat. BriteWhite abides by the Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, Best Practice and Code of Ethic and has been approved by the FDA.

Contact Midwest Medical Aesthetics of Kansas for your BriteWhite kit. Enjoy a brighter, more confident smile!

Source: Midwest Medical, Teeth Whitening and Ezine.com, Health

21 Apr

New Sculptra® Videos

Did you know that there is a YouTube channel designated to The Sculptra® Aesthetic? Check out this channel to see the latest, informative commercials on Sculptra® treatments, before and after transformations, and more!

The Sculptra® Aesthetic is a poly-L-lactic acid injection treatment. Poly-L-lactic acid is a biodegradable, synthetic polymer from the alpha hydroxy-acid family that is compatible with your body’s chemistry. It is used to treat facial lipoatropy, the loss of natural facial fat due to aging and human immunodeficiency virus. The injections gradually reintroduce volume to the skin, making it appear less slack, more youthful and full. Results last for up to two years after the preliminary treatment.

Clients can receive Sculptra® treatments without pretesting the skin. Treatments have been approved by the FDA for people with and without human immunodeficiency virus.

Interested in more information? Watch the Sculptra® videos for more in-depth information. When you are ready for a one-on-one consultation in the Kansas City area, contact Midwest Medical Aesthetic at 913-327-7175.

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16 Apr

Hydrate Your Body, Amplify Your Life

The secret to younger looking skin, healthy digestion, and overall wellness revolves around one simple factor: hydration. Nothing can replace the benefits of maintaining the proper intake of water for your body.

This isn’t news: 3/4 of us know that the average person should drink 8 glasses of water a day but only 34% of us follow this sage advice. The result is that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated!

Proper hydration can help you look and feel your best. Did you know that drinking water could help you lose weight? Dehydration causes our metabolism to slow by 3%; we don’t burn calories as we should when we are dehydrated. 37% of Americans’ systems are so out of sync that we mistake thirst for hunger. That means that we eat more and more when all our bodies really crave is a tall glass of H2O. Drinking a glass of water is proven to combat late night hunger pangs for 100% of dieters studied by the University of Washington.

Drinking plenty of water also allows your skin to hydrate itself naturally, reducing dependency on creams and external treatments to combat the signs of aging and damage due to exposure to the elements.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics wants you to look your best inside and out. Don’t forget the simple remedies like hydration to keep you in tip-top shape!

15 Apr

Sculptra® Special For The Month Of April

Sculptra Medical Aesthetics

Sculptra® Aesthetic is the first facial injectable that can give you noticeable results that emerge subtly. It replaces lost collagen to give you a more natural looking appearance without giving you away. A full treatment of Sculptra® Aesthetic, on average, three injection sessions over a few months, and results can last up to 2 years!

Sculptra® works to target the underlying causes of the signs of aging such as collagen loss.

It is a facial injectable that works gradually in a series of treatments — an average of 3 injection sessions over a period of a few months — to produce a refined, more youthful-looking appearance. During the course of your Sculptra® Aesthetic treatments, collagen is replaced. Over time, you’ll notice changes to your face that can last up to 2 years.

Some visible improvements can be seen within the first few weeks of treatment, but the Sculptra® Aesthetic regimen is designed to deliver its unique effects over the course of a few months. As I mentioned, it’s an average of 3 treatment sessions over a period of a few months – and because results happen gradually, you’ll see subtle yet noticeable results in the appearance of facial wrinkles and folds.

Here is a link to a Sculptra® video that shows the progression of treatments. You can hear Franca’s  Story about the complete Sculptra® treatment in the video and how she felt during the process.

Sculptra® gradually turns back the signs of aging while preserving your natural looks.

Don’t miss out on this incredible savings of $325 for the month of April when you get the complete series of 3 treatments.  So that effectively means each treatment is only $541.67!

With summer just around the corner you probably want to look your best at all the social events that inevitably happen,  like: weddings;  showers;  neighborhood BBQ;  graduation parties;  and family get-togethers etc.

Remember, You can always Look Your Best Because…
Aging is Optional!

14 Apr

Summer Secret: Alexandrite Laser Hair Reduction

We are right on the heels of summer. Are you ready? Prepare to bare your skin with Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal.

Shaving and waxing are time consuming and may cause skin irritation and unsightly stubble between treatments. Alexandrite Laser Hair reduction is a laser system that eliminates the need to shave or wax. The system focuses lasers deep into the hair shaft, creating heat that dismantles the hair follicle and prevents hair growth.

The Alexandrite system is pain free. All you will feel is a tingling sensation; few clients experienced redness, swelling, or residual heat for a few hours after the procedure. Laser hair removal systems have been approved by the FDA and have been used in aesthetic centers for 35 years. Results are permanent—you will never have to shave or wax again!

Midwest Medical Aesthetics offers the lowest prices in Kansas City! Buy 3 treatments and receive the 4th at ½ price. Additional discounts are available with multiple areas of treatment. Call 913-327-7175 today to schedule an appointment. You’ll look your best this summer and year round!


09 Apr

Thick, Beautiful Hair with the Laser Hair Stimulation Cap


A head of full, strong hair is a sign of youth and health. Regain your confidence and youthful appearance in a 30 minute routine with LaserCap.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics distributes LaserCap, an innovative new way to regain hair growth while keeping an active lifestyle. LaserCap provides thicker, fuller, healthier hair in 60 days using a very simple routine: wear LaserCap under your favorite hat or other head covering for about 30 minutes every other day. LaserCap is discreet, mobile, and comfortable so it can be worn during workouts, while running errands, or doing household chores. Easily clean the cap with an alcohol wipe or damp cloth.

LaserCap works using a series of 224 red, 5mw 650nm lasers, providing more root stimulating lasers than other major brands. It is powered by a rechargeable battery stored in a small belt clip. LaserCap is effective on men and women and can be used in combination with other hair growth treatments.

To obtain your LaserCap and receive a hair restoration consultation, contact Midwest Medical Aesthetics at 913-327-7175 or visit lookmybest.net.

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07 Apr

More Business Men Seeking Cosmetic Treatments

Job seekers are feeling the heat of competition and are realizing that looking your best complements a strong resume. For the additional advantage, professionals are heading towards aesthetic medical centers like Midwest Medical.

In 2010, more than 13 million plastic surgeries were preformed, a 5% increase since 2008. Studies conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal that most clients are males over the age of 55 who are aiming to keep their jobs and compete with younger applicants entering the market. The most popular procedures include facelifts which increased by 9% and eyelifts which saw a 3% increase.

The recovery time and price of plastic surgery is burdensome to some, resulting in a rise in the percentage of nonsurgical treatments. Norman Rowe, a New York plastic surgeon, estimated that approximately 80% of his business came from nonsurgical procedures. Injectable treatments like Botox™ and other fillers saw a spike of 12%. Fat injections also experienced increased, peaking around 14% within the past year.

Source: CNN, Money