29 Apr

Get in Swimsuit Shape: Top 6 Pre-Summer Treatments

Although many greet swimsuit season with a smile, there are “thousands of people out who are terrified of getting into a suit and attending a pool party because they are insecure about their body image,” according to InfoTechNews.com.

Whether it’s man boobs, muffin tops, cellulite or visible veins, here are the top six procedures that will help you get into swimsuit shape in no time–and enjoying your summers more than ever before.

“1. Liposuction to Remove Unwanted Fat and Bulges: Ask us about the latest advances in body contouring, fat removal and skin tightening. Men and women who want to look and feel better seek out doctors that perform liposuction surgery. It is pain free and patients are back to a normal, active life within days.

2. Laser Hair Removal: A flash of light and a few treatments is all it takes to make unwanted hair disappear, permanently and safely. Remove unwanted hair on the face, back, legs, bikini line or just about anywhere else.

3. Varicose/Spider Vein Treatments and Elimination: The most commonly used treatments are sclerotherapy and laser treatment for vein removal. Vein removal treatments are permanent and successful, so patients can feel less self-conscious and more comfortable wearing summer clothes.

4. Cellulite Removal: Ask about our innovative cellulite treatment that will help remove cellulite and dimpling of the skin and help restore patient confidence.

5. Mole, Stretch Mark and Scar Removal: Many people have scars, moles, stretch marks, warts, pigmented spots and other lesions on their head, face, neck and body. There are several laser treatments that remove moles, scars and stretch marks and result in smoother, even-toned skin.

6. Treatments for Age Spot/Sun Damage Removal: Levulan PDT Therapy treatment is a new procedure now available to treats sun damage and active acne. The treatment is a photosensitizing agent (Levulan) applied to the skin and then activated with a specific wavelength of light. After the procedure, the results leave a smoother skin tone. Levulan has been used extensively for the treatment of a variety of different skin conditions, and it is approved by the FDA and Health and Welfare Canada for the treatment of sun damaged skin.”

27 Apr

American Society of Plastic Surgeons Releases 2009 Stats

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released its 2009 surgery statistics, and if there’s one result that’s the most surprising, it’s that cosmetic procedures are up as much as 69 percent from the year 2000. Wow! In fact, the survey found that more than 12.5 million procedures were performed in 2009 alone.

In honor of the ASPS’s results, Realself.com conducted its own survey to gauge interest in cosmetic treatments. They asked the question, “If money wasn’t an issue, which cosmetic surgery would you undergo?”

Which procedures are most important to you? Visit Midwest Medical Aesthetics to see how we can fit your cosmetic treatment needs.

22 Apr

Baby Boomers Determined to Keep Up Youthful Appearances

The “Baby Boomer” Generation may be hitting their 50s and 60s, but when it comes to maintaining that once-youthful appearance, they’re more determined than any past generation to keep up their youthful appearances.

“The Baby Boomers are getting older but they still feel young and want to look that way too,” said American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) President Mark Berman, MD.

In fact, a recent survey by the AACS found that the average age of facelift patients is 54.1 years. The average age for blepharoplasty is 52.3 years. In addition, the average age of patients receiving Botox™ is 46.6 and fillers is 46.8.

The survey also found that facelifts rose a whopping 44 percent from 2008 to 2009 in procedures by AACS members, totaling an estimated 34,500 in 2009 alone. Non-invasive anti-aging procedures like Botox™ were up 157 percent, while fillers were up 245 percent in a similar time period.

The bottom line: Boomers may be aging but they don’t want their looks to do the same.

21 Apr

More Job Seekers Opting for Cosmetic Procedures

It’s not just resumes that potential job seekers are looking to refine in order to land the job of their dreams. According toa report by CBS 2 Chicago, it’s also their appearance.

In fact, one Chicago facial plastic surgeon estimates that as many as 10 to 15 percent of his current patients are job seekers “requesting treatments in order to make them do better in the workplace.”

Whether it’s the confidence boost they need for that grueling, face-to-face interviewing process or the instant self-esteem that helps them either keep their job or find a new one, it’s clear that these procedures are not helping  job candidates look the part, but also get the gig.

Read on to learn how cosmetic procedures can positively affect your job performance.

15 Apr

Get your Legs Summer Ready!

The warm weather is finally here, I’ve been waiting for it all year.  The only problem is the clothes that accompanies it, shorts and swimsuits.  If you are one who has spider veins you might be more hesitant to show some leg.

The American Academy of Dermatology describes spider veins as “small superficial blood vessels that appear red or blue in the skin. They commonly occur on the legs, but are also found on the face or other areas of the body.

These dilated blood vessels may be short, unconnected lines, each about the size of a large hair, or connected in a “sunburst” pattern. They may look like a spider web or a tree with branches. Spider veins can occur in a small area where they are not very noticeable, or they can cover a large area of skin and be very unattractive.”

This summer say goodbye to spider veins with our sclerotherapy procedure.  This procedure has been used for spider veins since the 1930’s with great success.  Here at Midwest Medical we are offering a special, for only $200 you’ll get 10 injections and be our your way to more beautiful legs.

Click here to watch a short video on Sclerotherapy.

Now is the time to start these procedures to have you looking great by summer!  Call us at 913-327-7175 and make your appointment today.

13 Apr

Say Goodbye to your Mascara!

Summer is around the corner and that means trips to the beach and pool.   Are you tired of your mascara coming off as soon as you go into the water?  What if there was a procedure that leaves your lashes and eyebrows looking beautiful and takes only 15 minutes.

Midwest Medical offers Eyelash/Eyebrow tinting for $25 a piece with results that last up to 6 weeks.  Now you can put away that mascara and liner for the rest of the summer.

Call now at (913) 327-7175 and schedule your appointment.

05 Apr

New Magazine Looks at Cosmetic Procedures

There’s a ton of research and focus on cosmetic surgey these days, and that includes information in a new magazine, called New You.

The magazine is based on Miami and it says it’s the official magazine of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

New You editor-in-chief J.P. Faber tells NBC Miami: “For every person who has undergone a cosmetic procedure, there are at least two other people who would like to, but are hesitant because they are not well informed. Our job is to educate readers about some of the really amazing procedures now available.”

02 Apr

Spring Break Regrets? Get Rid of that Tattoo

If you brought home a lasting souvenir – a tattoo – from a recent Spring Break or one years ago, we have the ability to get rid of it for you.

Our laser tattoo removal takes off unwanted tattoos and pigmented lesions (sunspots, freckles, etc.). It emits a highly focused beam of laser light, which passes harmlessly through the outer layer of the skin and is absorbed primarily by the tattoo ink or the excess pigment within the lesion.

Here are some factors to consider if you want to remove a tattoo, according to a recent story in the New York Daily News.

  • Size and color of a tattoo
  • A person’s skin color (lighter skin makes it easier to remove a tattoo)
  • The date the ink was embedded. The paper says that small, monochrome tattoos that are more than a few years old can be zapped in a few minutes.

Depending on the size and location of the tattoo or lesion, each of our treatments usually takes about 10-30 minutes. Some faint tattoos and pigmented lesions will fade completely after only one treatment, though most may require five treatments or more. Treatments are spaced six to eight weeks apart to give your body sufficient time to fully eliminate loosened particles of ink or pigment.