28 Nov

ZERONA Body Sculpting and How it Can Work for You

rolled up tape measure

You’ve seen the commercials…”Lose weight with liposuction,” “do some extreme dieting,” “body wraps that work instantly,” etc.  All these claims sound great, but a lot of these products and tips require invasive surgery, starvation, dehydration and other drastic changes to achieve results that can be done without any of the repercussions.  The truth is that you can get results that are long-lasting, not there and gone with the slightest misstep.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics can help you remove fat and contour your  body without invasive surgery with the Cascade Body-Contouring Program, a series of ZERONA laser therapy sessions.  While many other fat-busting techniques can leave you incapacitated for a while, the use of the ZERONA treatment gets patients back to their day without a hiccup.

After the slimming procedure, excess fat is passed through the body during a normal detox cycle.  The effectiveness of the technique has been shown in a double-blind, randomized study which indicated that patients achieved remarkable results after 6 rounds as opposed to the placebo, which had little success.

If you are thinking up your New Year’s resolution early this year, why not resolve to get the body you want?