21 Jul

You’re Invited! Coffee-Tasting Party Tomorrow

Boy, I think everyone wants to party this Thursday. We’ve had a lot of people confirm they’re coming…are you going to be there? I’m having a Healthy Coffee Tasting Party Thursday July 22nd starting at 6pm to 8:30pm at my office, 11213 Nall Avenue, Suite 140, in Leawood KS. I’d love to see you, and the coffee is on me. All you need to bring is a smile and a friend if you’d like to. You’ll get to drink some of the world’s best and healthiest coffees, as well as learning a lot about coffee.

There’s only 15 Spots Left so Reply ASAP

To reserve your spot simply RSVP to the office at 913-327-7175 or email me at KStegman@kc.rr.com (as an added bonus you can book an appointment for any procedure and get a 15% Discount just because you came to my Party!!!)

Plus there’s entertainment for all…

Ron Logan is one of the most respected iridologists in the country and he’ll be there to tell you about your health… just by looking at your eyes. It’s going to be a fun evening, socializing and we’ve got treats for everyone! Iridology is a diagnostic technique that looks into the patterns and changes in the iris of the eye to discover undiscovered health issues and diseases.

So, If you love Coffee like I do, you’re going to learn a thing or two about healthy coffee. The Coffee you’re drinking is highly acidic and horrible for your health. Acidity is a primary contributor in aging and almost all major diseases including cancer, sugar diabetes, arthritis and hundreds more that you would recognize.

On top of that, it is now common knowledge among health professionals that almost all coffee grown, processed and sold today has harmful chemicals, pesticides and rancid oils in it.

That’s why I’ll be serving Gano-Excel healthy coffee!

Gano-Coffee is rich, great tasting chemical free coffee that incorporates the most powerful and beneficial herb known to man – Ganoderma Lucidun. There are countless medical documents of research at PubMed.org (U.S. National Library of Medicine) and a very well documented history of Ganoderma lucidun that dates back three thousand years.

Imagine getting your coffee fix every day with richer, better tasting Black, Mocha, Latte, Chocolate and experiencing these benefits from the coffee you drink every single day of our life.

To reserve your spot simply RSVP to the office at 913-327-7175 or email me at


And for those of you who love Tea: Gano-Excel introduces Chinese Red Tea. Taste better that your hot or iced tea and is better for you than even Green Tea.

We can only accommodate 50 people for this Special event so please RSVP as soon as possible. Love to see you, it going be a great time!