19 May

Young Hollywood Breast Augmentations

As if the young beauties of Hollywood weren’t already gorgeous, many are upping their “it” factor with breast augmentations. One thing I appreciate about their work is the attention paid to proportion and shape.

Singer and songwriter Leanne Rimes’ new figure is most flattering because the enhancements are small and petite just like she  is. The breast do not become a focal piece but they accentuate her natural beauty.

Actress Sophia Bush wins an unofficial award for the Best Small Breast Implants Ever. Her implants have the right amount of gravity, also called “natural sag.” Balancing natural sag and youthful perkiness is a feat that not many surgeons can accomplish–applause on a job well done! This One Tree Hill star effortlessly embodies class and sexual allure in her new physique.

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