20 Aug

Why Is My Hair Falling Out?!

Thinning hair affects about 30 million women, and it’s happening earlier and more often, according to “Women’s Hair Loss: Top Reasons Your Hair is Falling Out.” Stress is a major factor affecting hair loss, doctors say. The “Big 3” reasons behind hair loss in most women include one or a combination of:

  1. Genetic hair loss
  2. Underlying conditions such as pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, illness, or surgery
  3. Allergic reaction or immunity system imbalance

The good news is hair loss can be slowed or stopped in some cases. Treatmenst include hair replacement, hair restoration, laser therapy, topical creams, certain birth control pills, and lifestyle shifts that impact hair loss such as stress and diet. Before starting any hair loss treatment, see your doctor.

Find out more about hair loss from American Hair Loss Association, and check out the radio talk show “The Bald Truth” for a light-hearted discussion about hair loss treatments, research, and trends.