04 Mar

Who Else Wants To Take 10 Years Off Their Looks In 1 Hour?

Artefill Event

All VIP club members not only get special pricing, they get a $50 syringe discount on this day.  For all new patients getting Artefill. First syringe is $800, second syringe is $560, third syringe and every syringe thereafter is $400.  This pricing is good ONLY on the day of the event.

Naturally, things aren’t looking like they used to. I’m not going to say we’re getting old—that’s a state of mind, but I can say the signs of aging are getting to all of us…and who wouldn’t want to reverse the signs of aging. Especially if they could do it in an hour!

As we age, there are several factors that change the appearance of our face and skin. Gravity, volume loss, sun and environmental damage to our skin all play a role in the aging process and the appearance of fine and deep lines in our face.

However, there are ways to reverse the signs of aging—especially in our faces—the part of our body that is seen most. Proper diet and exercise are surefire ways to promote a healthy, youthful skin and smile. Another way to give your face a shot of life is through a procedure called Artefill.

There are many different types of ways to get rid of unwanted facial creases and lines that millions of people use regularly to look younger, of course Botox™ being the most popular.

And for certain areas it is the best solution. However for other areas like the deep crease around your nose and mouth, the upper lip and under the eyelids, Artefill/Bellafill™ is revolutionary! You can see the results in these Before and after photos…pretty amazing isn’t it?

Most fillers completely degrade over a period of a few months up to a year, and will be absorbed into your body. Artefill/Bellafill™ is a long-lasting wrinkle correction because a percentage of what comprises

Artefill/Bellafill™ always stays there and is not absorbed into your body. The remaining ingredients work with your skin to produce collagen which provides the support your skin needs for natural, long lasting results. So in 3 months results are even greater!

Artefill/Bellafill™ feels natural, is more convenient and you won’t have to keep coming back year after year for additional treatments to maintain your wrinkle correction. In the U.S. clinical studies, full wrinkle correction was maintained.

And speaking of time, the whole procedure takes less than an hour of your time! But why not come and see for yourself on March 31st. That’s when we’re having our Artefill/Bellafill™ Event. It’s Thursday March 31st from 12:00 noon until 6:00 p.m. The National Sales Manager from Artefill/Bellafill™ will be there and we’ll have special pricing!