16 Jul

When To Get a Tummy Tuck After Baby

Every mom knows that having a baby can come with some not-so-pleasant body changes. Stretch marks, extra flab, and joint problems are all body issues that most new moms often have to face. While a mother knows that their baby is worth every bit of discomfort they might be feeling, these unwanted body changes can lead to poor body image. Because of this, moms might look for a quick fix that will get their bodies into shape instead of looking for something that will offer long-term results. One of the more controversial post-pregnancy procedures that you might have heard of is called a c-tuck.

With a c-tuck, a surgeon performs a tummy tuck after a mother delivers her baby by c-section. While combining a scheduled C-section with a tummy tuck might sound like a great way to get a flat stomach after the birth of a baby, many surgeons suggest waiting until their bodies recover from pregnancy before having a tummy tuck done. Waiting will ensure that the abdominal muscles have time to heal and this also lowers the mom’s health risks.