02 Jul

What is Whole Body Vibration?

Boy, have we had a lot of questions about the “Whole Body Vibration” System that works with the new Lapex 2000 Fat Loss (or inch loss) Treatment and Body Contouring…

As a therapy, whole body vibration was explored by Russian scientists who tested vibration on astronauts in an effort to decrease the loss of muscle and bone mass in space.

Recently the whole body vibration platforms have been popularized and used with sports teams, personal trainers and in-home gyms as one on the hottest new trends in exercise.

Whole Body Vibration works in conjunction with the Lapex Laser 2000 treatments and can help accelerate the results of those treatments.

Because more muscle fibers are activated under the influence of vibration than in normal, conscious muscle contractions  in the muscles are incited more efficiently.  The immediate effect of the WBV is that the muscles can be used quickly and efficiently rendering them capable of producing more force.

Another immediate effect is an improvement in circulation the rapid contraction and relaxation of the muscles at 20 to 50 times per second basically works as a pump on the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels increasing the speed of the blood flow through the body.

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