20 May

What are “Raw” Beauty Products; and Do You Need Them?

If you’re like many women, you’ve been buying the same brand of concealer and mascara since you were in eleventh grade, and you’ve either never given much thought to anti-aging serums or you just have no idea where to begin your search. Well, most people don’t realize that the unassuming container of concealer they use every day without a second thought actually contains a host of chemicals and preservatives that really do the skin more harm than good.

The raw skincare movement is a response to the growing desire for women to use makeup and serums that genuinely support and nourish their skin instead of providing a “bandaid” without actually improving the skin in any way.

How is Raw Skincare Made?

Raw, fresh, and organic are three words you’ll see splashed all over raw skincare products. Not only are these words hot and trendy right now, but they are also incredibly meaningful: buying raw means that your skincare products will be completely pure and powerful with nothing but nature’s ingredients at work. No preservatives, no chemical additives, no toxins or carcinogens. Just potent ingredients that have been used for centuries like moringa, carrot seed, jojoba, rosehip, almond oil, essential oils, and more.

What Should You Buy?

Raw skincare products focus less on makeup and more on what you should feed your skin to make it so radiant that it doesn’t even need makeup. Face wash, moisturizer, toner, night time repair serum, eye serum, face exfoliator, and blemish rescue are the most popular products to use as a morning and evening regimen that will efficiently clear and heal the skin.

An Example

Take a look at a raw product made specifically to minimize breakouts and blemishes. Exact recipes will vary by company, but you’re likely to find a blend of 100 percent organic unrefined oils including tamanu, rosehip, carrot seed, tea tree, and neem, among others. These oils are proven to have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-carcinogenic properties to help your skin not only heal but continue to thrive. Compare that to a standard product sold to ease breakouts using sulfur and resorcinol, which are known to dry and irritate the skin and shouldn’t be used during pregnancy.

At the end of the day, raw skincare is leading the way to help more women understand how they can keep their skin young, healthy, and radiant without the use of any harmful chemicals.