19 Sep

Ways to Boost Your Confidence

How you look is dependent on how you feel. Here are some tips from The Beauty Expert Allure magazine on how to feel good about yourself everyday.

  1. Smile; the simple act can brighten your mood.
  2. Accept the compliment at face value and just say thank you.
  3. Don’t get caught up in stereotypes.
  4. Don’t over-analyze; you’ll feel stronger and more capable by making a big decision.
  5. Improve your complexion with a touch of concealer on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, either side of the nostrils and either side of your mouth.
  6. Set out to learn something new; it will remind you of your natural abilities and intuition.
  7. Take a little time to meditate; get in a comfortable position quietly, focus on breathing and think positive thoughts about you and others.
  8. Try not to say “sorry” when it is unnecessary.
  9. Put a touch of crisp fragrance on your wrists: the smell of a green apple or cucumber can reduce anxiety.
  10. Get plenty of sleep; it can reverse the damaging effects that stress has on your body.

Read more tips in the Allure article “44 Confidence Boosters” by Danielle Pergament.

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