31 Jul

“Vengeance Surgery” Trend On Rise

Really want to get back at your ex? So do the droves of women getting “vengeance surgery,” a phenomenon that is increasing across the U.S., according to a recent article in the London Independent. Many are divorcees or in the midst of a divorce or separation and looking for a confidence booster or a new direction. However, some doctors are refusing to perform surgeries they suspect are motivated by revenge or other irrational feelings. They also seem to agree that although cosmetic procedures can improve self-esteem and generate feelings of empowerment, the ability to face difficult situations and achieve specific life changes must come from within.

Here are some suggestions for healing from the pain of divorce:

  • Develop a support system of friends and family.
  • Seek professional help if necessary.
  • Lean on your faith.
  • Express, don’t avoid, painful emotions.
  • Keep a journal to write down thoughts and feelings.
  • Get out of the house and seek activity.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to recover.