20 Nov

Try CoolLifting for Timeless Beauty

If you’re eager to shed signs of aging from your skin, you may find yourself wondering which cosmetic procedure is the best choice. Technology has inspired the development of numerous treatments, all of which promise to eliminate common signs of premature aging and replace them with soft, smooth, youthful skin. CooLifting is one such treatment that has proven time and time again the ability to make those promises come true. If you’re ready to embrace your own timeless beauty, CooLifting is the right choice for your skin rejuvenation.

How Does CooLifting Work?

CooLifting is a very simple, easy, and non-invasive treatment that achieves full facial rejuvenation in only five minutes. A cold flow of carbon dioxide is applied in high pressure to the skin, usually along with Hyaluronic Acid, which deeply penetrates the skin to generate a deep and instantaneous healing reaction. As blood vessels start contracting and expanding, the skin is able to produce more collagen and elastin to fight signs of aging.

Within mere minutes after CooLifting, the skin becomes lifted, eliminating superficial wrinkles and reducing deep skin folds. Simultaneously, the dramatic boost of collagen and elastin production in the skin helps noticeably improve skin texture and quality. Overall, CooLifting the ultimate non-invasive facial rejuvenation!

Maintaining Radiant Results

If you receive just one single session of CooLifting, you’ll benefit from a smoother, brighter face that is free from superficial wrinkles. Most patients opt for the shock treatment, which includes eight sessions over the span of one month. The frequency of the treatments creatives an intensive collagen and elastin stimulation, which dramatically improves skin texture and quality for long-lasting results. One maintenance session on a bi-weekly basis ensures that results never disappear.

If you’re looking for a simple, painless way to rejuvenate your skin that does not require any surgery or injections, this is your solution!