31 Jul

Transform Dull Locks Into a Brilliant Look with DreamCatchers!

Hair Extensions

Whether you are a fan of the elegant ponytail or long, wavy locks, there’s no denying that having longer hair makes dressing up much more fun. Until now however, those of us with short hair didn’t have any promising options. We either had to wait for our hair to grow out, or we had to invest in cheap, damaging extensions. Fortunately, all of this changes when you choose to use our DreamCatchers.

Dreamcatchers are a far cry from the typical hair extensions you’ll find in many salons. These extensions are made from fine hair that can be styled or colored exactly how you like as you would with your real hair. Dreamcatchers also allows us to leave the cuticles intact while adding the extensions. This ensures that your hair stays manageable and strong, while giving new life to short or dull hair.

As we approach the fall season, give yourself something to look forward to! A new look, a new style… we have dozens of services that are perfect for welcoming a new season. Call Midwest Medical Aesthetics at 913.327.7175 to learn what services are perfect for you!