20 May

Total Transformations: Take Advantage of our 7-Step Body Analysis Through 5/31

Can you visualize your “before” and “after” pictures? The photo below was taken at a competition in June 2008. The competition was between nine women being judged for the best total-body makeover.
 They had every possible beauty treatment made available to them over a period of 12 hours before the contest.

Look at the before and after photos. 
The woman 2nd from the left, won the contest.

Now, isn’t that amazing? It just goes to show you that you can change the way you look…and if you’d like to see what’s possible, from now until May 31st, we’d like to offer you, at no charge, our

“7 Steps Body Analysis”
which includes:

  1. Record and analyze your history and physical information
  2. Take your measurements, weight, body mass index, hydration level & height
  3. Get your current exercise and diet information
  4. Discuss your goals for weight, dress/pant size measurements
  5. We’ll assess your motivation to reach your goals
  6. Discuss your willingness and ability to do exercise, diet management and the revolutionary HCG Diet
  7. Talk about treatments that are available like,…Zerona, Accent, Lapex BCS, Liposiction (Cool Lipo/Body-Jet), Fat transfer, Natural Breast Augmentation
  8. Formulate a customized plan to reach your goals via: diet, exercise, and all other treatments

Can you visualize your “Before” and “After” pictures?

Schedule your Complimentary Body Analysis before May 31st to see what’s possible for YOU!