16 Aug

Top Ingredients to Stop the Clock on Aging

Anti Aging Ingredients

Try as we may to slow it down, it seems like the days continue to speed by faster and faster. Though we wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything, the time isn’t always as kind to our skin. In fact, many of us are surprised to see the signs of aging show up early in life. Fortunately, there is much that can be done to slow down the aging process on our skin, we just need to make the most of the top ingredients that stop the clock on aging. Here are a few to pay attention to.

Vitamin C – This strong antioxidant is valuable in helping our skin fight the free radicals in the environment that can cause wrinkles and skin damage.

Green Tea – Drinking green tea is great for your health, but applying topically can really provide the antioxidants your skin needs to neutralize free radicals.

Resveratrol – This is one of the antioxidants you’ll especially like, because its benefits can be reaped from drinking red wine! It promotes cell turnover which then encourages collagen creation which firms the skin.

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