11 Dec

Top 3 Topics on Our Blog

Today marks a milestone on the Midwest Medical Aesthetics blog: It’s our 100th post! It has also been almost a year since we launched the blog and got on Facebook and Twitter, creating a great community of readers, followers, and fans interested in looking their best. Thanks to everyone who has read our blog, posted a comment, “liked,” or followed us!

To celebrate, we want to share which topics have gotten the most attention over the past year on our blog. Perhaps it will give you some insight on what your neighbors are searching for, what we specialize in, and hot trends in the cosmetic services industry.

Top 3 Blog Topics

  1. Selphyl. We were the first facility in Kansas City to offer this revolutionary new dermal filler as an alternative to facial plastic surgery. It promotes collagen production using your own blood and fibrin for a healthy, rejuvenated look with quick and long-lasting results.
  1. Specials on cosmetic treatments at Midwest Medical Aesthetics. In addition to our monthly specials, we have some great deals throughout the year that save you money on popular procedures such as wrinkle fillers, medi-facials, and liposuction and wellness products such as in-home LED light therapy, diet programs, and advanced skincare. Check out our new holiday specials going on this month!
  2. Kathleen Stegman, president of Midwest Medical Aesthetics. Kathleen has been an inspiration to many clients who want a great body and fight the signs of aging. Not only is she a registered nurse with more than 18 years experience in medical aesthetics, she has also tried many of the services offered at Midwest Medical Aesthetics herself and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.

These are the top three topics on our blog based on page views, visitors, and keyword searches. Here’s to another great year ahead!

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