30 Aug

Top 3 Beauty Myths Busted!

Beauty Myths

The first place we typically hear of the best and latest in beauty news is from our own friends and family. And so of course we’re all ears when someone has a new product or service they’re ready to dish about. Although girl talk is often a fabulous place to learn, it also tends to be the place when beauty myths flourish. Someone hears a myth, believes it, and then shares with friends. Keeping up with what is true and what isn’t is important – so we’ve gathered for you the truth about the top three beauty myths!

Myth #1 – Tweezing makes hair grow back thicker.

Actually, hair texture is much more likely to be influenced by hormones and genetics.

Myth #2 – Sleeping on your side causes wrinkles

Well sort of, sleeping on your side or on your stomach causes sleeping wrinkles that aren’t necessarily indefinite wrinkles. To cut down on these wrinkles though, try sleeping on your back or on a satin pillowcase.

Myth #3 – Regular trims make hair grow faster.

This one couldn’t be further from the truth. The pace of hair growth is determined by plenty of other variables such as diet, genetics, and overall health. Wishing this one was true? Try hair extensions!

Do you have any other beauty “secrets” that you think might be myths? Share them with us and we’ll dig up some research for you!