27 Apr

Tips on How to Shop for Skincare Products from Allure

The number of advertisements and products available can be quite overwhelming when shopping for skincare products. To help you achieve the best skin regimen with the right skincare products, here are some helpful shopping tips from beauty expert Allure magazine.

  • Ask for help and ask the right questions: What is the recommended amount per use? How often should I apply? Is this the best product for sensitive skin? How fast can I expect results?
  • Try before you buy: Check to see if the store has samples of the product that you can bring home and try (especially if you have allergies or sensitive skin) to ensure it has the requirements you are looking for such as fragrance and feel.
  • If you have skin allergies or eczema, avoid essential oils, fragrances, dyes and botanical ingredients and stick to only mild exfoliates. Also, test products on the inner forearm first.
  • Go for name brands: Mainstream skincare companies often have more substantial research and development processes to back their products.
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