24 Nov

Tips for Achieving a Whiter Smile

Coffee. Tea. Wine. Our favorite drinks are often our worst enemies when it comes to maintaining a white smile! If you ever refrain from smiling due to the condition of your teeth or feel insecure because of a discolored smile, you should consider the Brite White Teeth Whitening System.

Standard whitening systems available are usually found in toothpastes, over-the-counter gels, strips, trays, and products provided by dentists.  Many of these products contain bleach or other harsh chemicals that can lead to unpleasant side effects. In fact, some whitening products can cause such extreme teeth sensitivity that it takes weeks to expose the mouth to food, drink, or cold air without causing severe pain.

The revolutionary Brite White technology is vastly different than anything else available because it uses blue Light Emitting Diode (LED) to safely and painlessly whiten teeth.

How Does Brite White Work? A cool ray of blue LED light is set in a wavelength customized to your whitening purposes. The person completing your procedure will apply a gel blend to protect the teeth and prevent any excess heating. You will simply wait patiently while the Blue LED is applied to your teeth.

Why is Brite White Better Than Other Professional Systems? Many whitening systems use uncomfortable tools like cheek retractors and rubber dams that lead to uncontrollable saliva, gagging, and pain. Other treatments are too harsh; though they might whiten the appearance of your teeth, they also soften enamel in the process which disrupts your mouth’s tissue and causes corrosion and severe sensitivity.

What Are the Requirements for Brite White? This advanced system can whiten all types of teeth since the procedure utilizes customized gel applications, blue LED wavelengths, and tailored levels of power to whiten your teeth based on their exact condition. This is anything but a “one size fits all” type of solution! Since the products used don’t contain any Fluoride, gluten, or alcohol ingredients, they are safe for people with those certain allergies or aversions!

You owe it to yourself to flaunt a smile you’re proud of. Brite White is your way to achieve that freedom!