09 Jun

Time to Get Rid of that Turkey Neck: Here’s How

If there’s one thing that can really age you like nothing else, it’s the dreaded ‘turkey neck’. As we grow older, our skin naturally loses its elasticity; and in some cases, this can cause the skin around the neck to sag downwards, resulting in those unflattering folds of skin that look a little like turkey wattles!

The bad news is that no amount of exercising or moisturizing is going to return that skin to its former taut state. However, there is some good news – there is a cosmetic treatment that can!

Boosting Collagen Production

Accent Body Treatment is a form of thermotherapy. What that means is that it’s designed to heat the tissue within the body, which then stimulates the production of fresh collagen.

Collagen performs a vital role in the skin. It effectively holds the tissue together, helping to maintain elasticity and sustain that enviably young, smooth-skinned look. When we’re younger, our bodies have no problem producing collagen. However, when we get older, our ability to regenerate cells in the skin diminishes. The result? Skin starts to lose elasticity and sag.

Accent helps to boost collagen, which then works hard to pull that skin tight again.

Miracle Cure?

You’ll notice a difference straight away when you have an Accent thermotherapy treatment. However, to enjoy a steady improvement for the long-term, you’ll probably need more than one session. Most people tend to require around 3 to 5 treatments, depending on the condition of their skin.

Essentially, Accent is the only treatment available that enables you to lose the turkey neck without resorting to surgery. It’s relatively painless and at worst, the only symptom you’re likely to experience is some temporary redness in the area.

Get Rid of the Turkey Neck Today

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