20 Jun

Three Things You Didn’t Know about Cold Laser Therapy

Fat doesn’t always leave the body in the timely manner that we wish it would. So many Americans feel frustrated day in and day out with stores of fat on the abdomen, thighs, and hips that just won’t go away. This widespread desire for an efficient but painless method of sculpting inspired the development of cold laser therapy for body contouring. While cold laser therapy isn’t the solution for dramatic weight loss, it is perfect for eliminating those last five or ten pounds and achieving a sexy, sculpted body.

Fact 1: It’s Based Firmly in Science

Skeptics might say that cold laser therapy can’t possibly have an impact on body fat without working invasively, but this simply isn’t true. Studies prove that these carefully developed lasers effectively remove excess fat from the body and contour shape. This is made possible because the cold laser is able to emulsify fat and move it into “interstitial space.” In other words, the lasers melt the fat into miniscule liquid droplets that are then essentially vacuumed into the fluid that surrounds and cushions the cells. From there, the fat works its way out of the body through filtration.

Fact 2: The Procedure Is So Relaxing, It’s Zen

There aren’t many treatments where you can bring a book or catch up on emails and just legitimately relax, but cold laser therapy is one of them! The laser machines are placed in a certain area of your body like the abs, hips, or thighs, and then they go to work. You don’t feel any pain, and afterward you can return to your normal activities without any downtime. That’s right, zero recovery.

Fact 3: The Results Are Here to Stay

Cold laser therapy works best when you receive one session every other day for about two weeks or so. Since the extra targeted fat has it work its way through the body, results don’t occur immediately, but rather over time. But it is well worth the wait, because the inches that you shed off of your trouble spots will stay off, assuming you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.