10 Sep

Three Things to Know about Lash and Brow Tinting

38690049 - woman eye with long eyelashes. eyelash extensionYour brows and lashes have the ability to transform your face, highlight your favorite features, and enhance your overall appearance. But if you’re like many women with light or thin brows and lashes, you may need a bit of help along the way. Lash and brow tinting have become two very popular procedures because they add bold and exciting color to help the eyes pop without the need for makeup.

It’s Affordable!

You can get your lashes and brows tinted for about the same price as a haircut, or maybe even less! There are plenty of enhancement procedures that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, but tinting is a quick and simple treatment that is easy to afford on any budget.

Goodbye Makeup

How much time do you spend on your eyes each morning when you apply makeup? Do you line your brows and fill them? Apply mascara in layers? Each of these steps takes away valuable time that you could spend catching a few more minutes of sleep or leaving early for work. Since tinting places desired color on your lashes and brows, you wake up looking like you’ve already applied makeup.

Plenty of Options

Just like choosing your hair color at a salon, you have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the hue of your tinted lashes and brows. Complexion, eye color, hair color, and the color of your hair’s root all come into play when choosing the right shade for your eyebrows. This careful process helps to give you brows that complement your looks. For example, if you have dark hair and brows, a lighter tint is actually better because it prevents your overall appearance from looking too harsh.

As for the lashes, the most popular option is black-blue, the boldest and most intense dark color available for tinting. Women with lighter features and very light blonde lashes might also opt for the regular black or brown shades that still make an impact without looking too out of place.

As long as you work with a makeup expert to undergo your tinting, you’re bound to be thrilled with the transformative results.