17 Mar

The Truth About Stem Cell Creams

There is a slew of products on the market advertising dramatically younger looking skin through the use of stem cell technology. Here is the inside scoop on what you can expect from stem cell creams.

Let’s first begin with the basics. Stem cells are non-specific cells found in your body that can replicate themselves into other cells that are more specific (blood cells, sperm cells, skin cells). Skin care researchers are attracted to stem cells for their regenerative properties. As we grow older, our skin cells begin to decay, losing their ability to regenerate. This causes cells’  inability to repair tissue and, subsequently, a loss of function in the body.

Stem cell skin care products aim to help cells regenerate and repair themselves. These products do not stop the signs of aging but they can slow down the process. Since stem cells can be grown in laboratories, they are relatively easy to add to skin care products.

Using stem cell technology does not produce the results of surgical procedures. Like other topical solutions, stem cell creams require more time to see results and they ultimately do not allow a change in appearance so much as a restoration of former appearance and cell function.

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