08 Jul

The Top 3 Benefits of a CoolTouch Treatment

coollifting kansas city treatmentWrinkles, lax skin, and acne scars are three of the most dreaded signs of aging and skin damage, but they are difficult to avoid. As time passes, your body produces less collagen, which in turn robs your skin of its most important foundation and structure. This collagen depletion, especially when paired with sun damage and environmental stress, is responsible for causing unwanted signs of aging. Fortunately, laser skin rejuvenation treatments like the CoolTouch can reverse and eliminate skin damage quickly and efficiently.

How Does the CoolTouch Treatment Work?

The CoolTouch treatment, also known as CoolBreeze, uses laser light energy painlessly penetrate the collagen-producing cells deep in the skin. As the dermal tissue undergoes gentle heating, the skin cells are stimulated to produce additional collagen. This helps the skin rebuild and replenish itself in a way it normally couldn’t. As a result, unsightly marks of damage like wrinkles and scars can be minimized or even eliminated.  Extra collagen also provides more structure to the skin in order to reverse lax and sagging skin.

Get Ready For Real Results

CoolBreeze is one of the easiest treatments available to resolve skin problems. Each treatment only takes between 10 and 30 minutes, based on the area being treated and the severity of the condition targeted. Thanks to a cooling agent applied to the skin, the treatment is painless and comfortable. You don’t even need to endure any inconvenient downtime. Your results will appear gradually over a series of three to six treatments in monthly intervals.

Midwest Aesthetics Center in Kansas City, Missouri is proud to offer the CoolBreeze treatment for men and women seeking a simple and reliable solution to aging skin. The team at Midwest Aesthetics Center is dedicated to providing high-quality treatments that make aging optional. Call (913) 327-7175 to learn more and make your first appointment!