10 May

The Skinny on Permanent Make-up

We’re often asked about permanent make-up, so here we present some answers to our FAQ’s.

*Who Benefits from Permanent Make-up?
Everyone! Men, women, those with allergies to conventional makeup, and often times the elderly–those with unsteady hands, arthritis, physical handicaps, visual impairment, watery eyes, etc. It’s also a great convenience factor: Busy people with little time to apply makeup, anyone with the desire to free themselves from daily makeup application. And finally, there are patients who want to conceal scars resulting from accidents, trauma, surgery or burns; those who desire areola restoration following breast reconstruction or augmentation, or who have lost hair, due to treatments or otherwise, on their brows or eyelashes.

* Is the surgery painful? How long will it last?
There is very little discomfort in most Intradermal Cosmetic procedures in which a topical anesthetic may be applied. Strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines are followed in accordance with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Single use sterile needles are used with each application. Most procedures take 1 hour to perform. At least 2 visits are needed and will be scheduled 3-4 weeks apart to do any touch-up work and to ensure your procedure(s) meets your expectations.

* Do I have a choice in colors? How long will color last?
For more answers to your FAQ’s, and to learn how to look your best 24/7, visit the Permanent Makeup section on our Web site.