07 Jan

The Lowdown on the Diets that Don’t Work

It’s a New Year, which means millions of Americans are looking to improve their health and self-confidence by shedding that unwanted poundage. Unfortunately, many of these Americans will break their resolution within a few weeks. As soon as motivation is superseded by busy work and family schedules, the trips to the gym start to decrease while the trips to the fast food window may start to increase. A recent article in Mail Online reveals the reality of these resolution statistics.

“. . . A study suggests that trendy weight-loss techniques favoured by the stars are likely to end in failure. Findings show the average ‘crash’ diet lasts just 15 days and 35 per cent say they end up putting on more weight than they lost in the first place . . .”

Not only are crash diets ineffective but they are unhealthy and sometimes even dangerous. Another article from Decoded Science reports on a study that highlights why it’s more important for dieters to have your eye on the long-term prize.

This study suggests that dieters shouldn’t just focus on the amount of weight loss, but also pay attention to the health benefits of successful dieting, such as elevation of ‘Good’ cholesterol, that go along with a healthier lifestyle.

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Sources: Mail Online and Decoded Science