18 Mar

The History of Beautiful Breasts

The definition of beauty changes based on region, culture, and decade. The same is true for the perception of ideal breasts. Here are a few examples of how breast beauty has been interpreted, past and present:

Late 1500s: For Elizabethan women, breasts take a step into the background as emphasis is placed on a narrow waist . Clothing included health-hazardous, restrictive corsets that minimized a woman’s waist while unfortunately distorting the natural appearance of her breasts. Breasts were often flattened and squeezed upward as the corset tightened. The half-moon arc of a woman’s breast above the neckline was appealing from the front but  seemed less flattering from other angles.

Late 1950s: Voluptuous beauty is personified in figures like Marilyn Monroe. Ample breasts are admired in woman, particularly when appearing rounded (as opposed to the cone shape that was all the rave earlier in the decade). Ideal breasts should appear full, healthy, and gravity defying. Forward-leaning fashion produced tight sweaters and strapless swimsuits with ruffles near the bust to accentuate the breasts.

2010: Thin is in. With this in mind, proportion is important. Many women under the age of 40 prefer to pair their thin frames with small, well-formed breasts. For this generation, size is not at important as tone and symmetry.

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