05 Jul

The Doctors’ Travis Stork Offers Tips for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Advice

We all know and love him from the award-winning The Doctors television show, but Dr. Travis Stork is much more than a television star. This summer, he’s been on a mission to keep people active and in doing so, he’s shared with us some great fitness advice that can keep us feeling young and healthy. Brought to us by Prevention Magazine, here is Dr. Travis Stork’s  best tips for losing weight and staying fit!

  • There’s more time to exercise than you might think. Dr. Stork suggests taking a ten minute walk after each meal. It’s a quick way to add 30 minutes of exercise each day to your lifestyle.
  • Find an activity that you love and commit. The Doctors star suggests finding an activity that you enjoy and make the most of it.
  • Avoid the fad diet routine. To really lose weight, engage in resistance exercises as well as a healthy diet. A healthy combination of both methods is essential for long term weight loss.

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