10 Apr

The Best Treatments to Improve Discoloration and Age Spots

Over time, the skin naturally becomes marked and impacted by age spots, discoloration, and sun damage. These signs of aging often diminish the skin’s radiance and cause you to look older than you feel. Fortunately, there are a number of simple yet effective cosmetic treatments available to restore a natural, youthful beauty to your skin. With no pain and no downtime, these treatments are the best of the best in simple skincare.

FotoFacial IPL

The FotoFacial can be applied to the face, neck, and chest to reduce visible signs of aging and sun damage. Pulses of visible light are gently delivered to the skin to achieve rejuvenation. This treatment delivers the most dramatic results with a series of five or more performed at three week intervals. Embarrassing redness, flushing of rosacea, irregular pigment and tone, and sun damage can all be zapped away with the FotoFacial IPL. Since the treatments take less than 30 minutes and require absolutely no downtime, they are as easy as can be.

Portrait PSR Skin Treatment

Portrait plasma skin rejuvenation is a unique technology that is clinically proven to improve the skin. The Portrait treatment involves the transfer of nitrogen plasma energy into the architecture of the skin using a non-contact technique. This helps to achieve controlled, uniform regeneration of the skin. In just 15 minutes, the procedure triggers deep skin healing that smoothes away wrinkles and enhances skin tone and texture. You’ll witness a more vibrant, youthful appearance directly after your treatment, and clinical studies show improvements last as long as a year!


The ViPeel is another method available to eliminate unwanted signs of aging from your skin. The blend of ingredients in the ViPeel have the power to improve the tone, texture, and clarity of your skin, reduce age spots, soften wrinkles, and even clear acne skin. If that wasn’t enough, the ViPeel is even known to stimulate the production of collagen so your skin can heal itself and become firmer and healthier. All of this is possible with zero pain, preparation, or downtime.

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