10 May

The Benefits of CoolSculpting You’ll Want This Summer

It isn’t hard to find cosmetic treatments that make big promises, but CoolSculpting is a truly innovative treatment that is FDA approved to transform your body using noninvasive fat reduction technology. In fact, CoolSculpting has earned a reputation has being Hollywood’s little known beauty secret. As summer rolls around, you might find yourself wondering how you can banish unwanted pockets of fat that seem impervious to all of your efforts at the gym. All it takes is one call to Midwest Aesthetic Center in Kansas City, MO for CoolSculpting to become your beauty secret, too.

Freeze Away Fat For Good

CoolSculpting is based on the principles of cold and how the strategic use of cold temperatures can enhance the body. During a CoolSculpting treatment, controlled cooling is applied to the targeted areas of your body where unwanted pockets of fat exist. The thighs, stomach, back, and love handles are just a few of the most popular areas that patients choose.

As the controlled cold is applied to your skin, it penetrate the fat cells under the skin without causing harm to the surface of your skin. When enough cold is applied, the targeted fat cells actually crystallize and die. Over the span of a few weeks and months, the fat is naturally filtered out of the body as a waste product, leaving your body slimmer and more contoured.

Quick, Simple, and Designed for You

CoolSculpting is such an effective treatment because it is completely customizable to your exact needs. From bra strap fat to the thighs, CoolSculpting to freeze away fat on just about any part of the body, so you can embrace a sleeker, more contoured appearance. Impressively, these dramatic results don’t require any complicated surgery or downtime. The CoolSculpting treatment is so simple that you can read, text, check emails, or even take a nap while an expert at Midwest Aesthetics Center applies CoolSculpting to the targeted parts of your body. Since there’s no downtime involved, you can simply hop back in your car and continue your daily activities, all while knowing that your body is eliminating its own fat as you work, sleep, and socialize.

Call (913) 954-4650 today to make your first CoolSculpting appointment at MidWest Aesthetics Center in Kansas City, MO. Men and women alike can utilize this ground-breaking treatment to embrace the summer season and flaunt a slim, contoured body!