12 May

Take Years off Your Smile

Your smile may be the first thing that gets noticed, so if your pearly whites are, well, not so pearly anymore, it may be time to take a second look at that first impression your teeth may be creating.

What are the leading causes of stains? Although there’s no one major category, for many people, it can be as simple as not washing gums and the mouth thoroughly after meals–that can result in years of build up in the form of tarter and plaque.

Other indicators, include bad habits such as smoking and drinking, or things that may seem a little more out of your control, such as medications and antibiotics.

Regardless of how the stains got there, there’s one important thing to keep in mind: Whiter teeth have the ability to not only improve your overall appearance and your smile, but also to make you look and feel younger and more attractive.

Midwest Medical offers a teeth whitening service called BriteWhite, which offers the first LED (Light Emitting Diode) system that is inserted inside of the mouth for ultimate cosmetic teeth whitening. With BriteWhite there is no heat, no sensitivity, no cheek retractors, no rubber dams, no saliva drip, no gagging, no long waiting, and no pain. The Blue LED light has been proven to be safe and using less time promotes whitening without softening enamel, which causes corrosive problems and the disruption of soft and hard tissues. BriteWhite also prevents damage to the pulp.

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