29 Nov

SELPHYL Offers Natural Way to Fill Skin Depressions

Fix Skin Depressions

A book should never be judged by its cover, but it happens all the time. Your skin tells a story — your story. So, when skin depressions and imperfections get in the way of your confidence, it can make you insecure and less self-assured. You want the appearance of your skin to match how you feel inside — strong and beautiful. Midwest Medical Aesthetics  is here to help you realize the full potential of beautiful skin with an innovative procedure called the Selphyl System.

The Selphyl System is an outpatient procedure that takes less than 20 minutes to complete. Using a biologically intuitive process, plastic surgeons and dermatologist collect the patient’s platelets and  inject the patient-based serum into skin depressions. Within three weeks, the body is able to regenerate cells to increase skin volume and revitalization. As the solution is derived from the patient’s own DNA, adverse effects are eliminated while beautiful skin is rejuvenated.

You have a great story to tell, so do not let skin imperfections get in the way. Let Midwest Medical Aesthetics help eradicate your skin depressions and give you the confidence to show your bravest — and beautiful — face to the world.


22 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving from Midwest Aesthetics Center!

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

The last year has certainly been one we can be thankful for here at Midwest Aesthetics Center. Our team has had a wonderful time bringing you the latest information and trends surrounding the medical aesthetics industry and we are thankful for our wonderful readers like yourself who make the job so much more fun!

This is also the time of year that we would like to say a huge “Thank You!” to our fantastic team members, industry partners, and clients. Working along with this fantastic group of people has given us the opportunity to provide only the best in medical aesthetics.

From our crew at Midwest Aesthetics Center to yours, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

29 Oct

Natural Skincare Product is the “First of its Kind”

Nerium Skincare

Your skin’s appearance tells the story of how you feel and how well you take care of yourself. So, if you are in the market for a natural skincare product that has gives you beautiful results, Midwest Medical has just what you are looking for.

Nerium Skincare has a unique, one-of-a-kind approach to encouraging beautiful skin. By infusing scientific analysis with innovative technology, this skincare line harnesses the natural benefits of cold-processed Aloe Vera and makes it directly available to you. The Nerium cream acts as both a cleanser and moisturizer, pulling double duty to give you flawless skin. Other Nerium cream benefits are:

  • Reduces blotchiness and evens skin tone
  • Erases wrinkles and fine lines
  • Motivates natural collagen and increases skin elasticity
  • Softens and tightens your skin

Midwest Medical is confident enough about Nerium Skincare Services to give you a chance to try this age-defying cream for a risk-free 30 days! If you do not notice a dramatic change, Midwest Medical guarantees a refund. Come into the office to purchase the product or buy it directly from the website and take advantage of a web-direct incentive programs. Contact Midwest Medical  today for perfect skin tomorrow.


19 Oct

Eliminate Shaving with Cosmetic Laser Hair Removal Services

permanent hair removal

Are you looking for a relatively painless solution for unwanted body hair? Midwest Medical Aesthetics is your answer! Using the innovative Alexandrite Laser Hair Reduction system, Midwest Medical Aesthetics provides laser hair removal that guarantees the permanent removal of unattractive and unwelcome body hair.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics’ laser hair removal is effective. The office can remove hair from everything from legs to arms, and all the sensitive areas (bikini lines and underarms)in between.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics can also perform Brazilian hair removals. The office caters to men, too. Many male clients opting for hair removal services target the chest and back hair, which Midwest Medical Aesthetics can also remove.

Midwest Medical Aesthetics’ FDA-approved lasers work by infusing hair shafts with disabling heat. By incapacitating the shaft, the hair is unable to grow and presto, permanent hair removal. There are no major side effects. Most clients report temporary irritation or swelling that fades away within hours, if they report anything at all.

Trash those scratchy razors and ditch those painful waxes! Take the itch, irritation and scarring out of your beauty routine and let Midwest Medical Aesthetics help you put your best bare, beautiful leg forward. Contact Midwest Medical by calling 913.327.7175 to schedule your hair removal procedure today!

15 Oct

Stay in Shape During Cold Season By Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy to Look Good

Staying healthy requires some work.  As the fall and winter seasons approach, so does your risk of catching colds and flu. And after you have undergone the cosmetic procedures and treatments at Midwest Medical Aesthetics, you want to make sure your fabulous new look stays in tact and you sport it better than ever! To ensure this, take some extra steps to stay in shape during cold season by staying healthy. Here are a few ways to do so:

The best way to reduce the risk of flu is by getting the vaccination.  But cold viruses change constantly and every year brings a new one.

The best way to maintain your health throughout the year is to be vigilant about hand washing.  Hand washing is the single best thing to do to avoid illness.  Proper diet and nutrition will keep your immune system at its best to fight any germs you may come in contact with.

However, despite the actions you take to avoid getting a cold, sometimes it’s nearly impossible to avoid. This is especially true if someone in your home has succumbed to it.  Rinsing your nose with saline solution may help rinse the virus out of your system to at least reduce symptoms. Take extra vitamin C and zinc to boost your immune cells into super gear.

If you don’t manage to avoid a cold, take a day off to rest and keep from spreading germs to your co-workers.  Planning a day of rest will assist your body to heal itself.



25 Sep

Golden Rules for Fall Exfoliation


While this past summer was an exciting one, there is no doubt that our skin was probably less than thrilled. The summer season is one of the best times of the year to be outdoors but it can also be one that makes a lasting impression on our skin. With the fall season officially upon us, we should all take care to kick off this season’s skin regime by perfecting a skin care necessity – exfoliation!

Just as necessary as sunscreens are during the summer, exfoliating should be an important aspect of your beauty routine during the cooler months. Not only does it keep your skin feeling fresh, but it also helps your skin look radiant and glowing.

Before you jump in, focus on these golden rules for fall exfoliating:

  1. Use either a body scrub or an exfoliating body cloth only two to three times per week.
  2. Remember that sugar scrubs are best for normal to dry skin, while salt scrubs are best for oily skin.
  3. The after care is almost as important as the scrub. Be sure to apply a good moisturizer after exfoliation that includes ingredients such as shea butter and sweet almond oils.

Once you have learned the basics of exfoliation techniques you’ll benefit greatly from more of our skin and cosmetic services here at Midwest Medical Aesthetics. For information about what treatments might be right for you, just visit Midwest Medical Aesthetics in Leawood, Kansas!


03 Aug

August Specials at Midwest Aesthetics Center Get You Ready for Fall!

Beauty Service Specials near Kansas City

Each season brings with it renewed opportunities to get out and enjoy new experiences. Especially during the remainder of this summer, when it’s so important to soak up the time with friends and family, and prepare yourself for the fall season ahead, you’ll want to look and feel your best. To help you do this, at Midwest Aesthetics Center we offer monthly specials on many of our products and services.

We offer these specials each month so that you have the opportunity to experience the best in medical aesthetics for a great price. This August, we’re happy to bring you several different beauty specials and deals – here are just a few!

  • Ideal Protein 1 month weight loss plan for $549
  • Zeronafat loss laser for $899 which includes 9 sessions
  • Lapex spot fat reduction laser for $899 which includes 9 sessions
  • Body Wraps for $85 in office or $50 take home
  • B12-Lipo Injections for $30 each or a package of 5 for $100
  • … and tons of skin procedures and cosmetic products at great prices!

For a full listing of this month’s beauty specials, take a look at Midwest Aesthetics Center online!


11 Jul

Find Personalized Solutions With Our Body Care Analysis

Body Care Analysis

There was a time when we had little control over our bodies’ appearance. It used to be that diet and exercise, plus a little make up was the extent of control that we had over our looks but with the science and technology of today, there’s a new world of possibilities that help us ensure that we look our best.

Our services at Midwest Medical Aesthetics include a broad range of treatments for various conditions and results. Since every body is different and unique, we offer a Body Care Analysis program that helps you narrow down your needs and then choose services based on them.

Our complimentary 8 Step Body Analysis includes the following:

  1. Record and analyze your history and physical information
  2. Take your measurements, weight, body mass index, hydration level & height
  3. Get your current exercise and diet information
  4. Discuss your goals for weight, dress/pant size measurements
  5. We’ll assess your motivation to reach your goals
  6. Discuss your willingness and ability to do exercise, diet management and the revolutionary HCG Diet
  7. Talk about treatments that are available like… Zerona, Accent, Lapex BCS, Liposiction (Cool Lipo/Body-Jet), Fat transfer, Natural Breast Augmentation
  8. Formulate a customized plan to reach your goals via: diet, exercise, and all other treatments
To more about how we can help you choose the custom services to suit your body and schedule a Body Care Analysis, just call Midwest Medical Aesthetics at 913-327-7175.
03 Jul

Beat the Heat with Our July Specials at Midwest Aesthetics Center!

Bikini Body

Since the summer decided to really welcome us with a blast of heat this year, its left many of us feeling a bit unprepared. At Midwest Aesthetics Center however, we are offering several summer specials this month that will help you beat the heat and have you looking your best in no time. After all, we all deserve to indulge and feel our best don’t we? Here are a few of our beauty services that are available this month at a special rate:

  • Ideal Protein 1 Month Weight Loss Plan: Just $549 includes all supplements and protein food
  • For our new patients, purchase one area of disport and get the second area at half price
  • Body wraps are available for $85 in office or $50 take home kit – a perfect beauty solution for the summer season.

These treatments, along with our many others, give our clients fantastic options for looking their best this year! We’d love to help you decide on a few services of you own – simply contact Midwest Aesthetics Center by calling 913-327-7175 today!


28 Jun

Follow Midwest Aesthetics Center on Twitter!

cosmetic services in Leawood KS

If you haven’t been keeping up with Midwest Aesthetics Center through Twitter, you’re missing out!

In honor of the upcoming Social Media Day on June 30th, we wanted to remind you that Midwest Aesthetics Center is active on Twitter. We’re using this platform to make special announcements about Midwest Aesthetics Center and share our favorite beauty tips – and you don’t want to get left out! So be sure you take a moment to follow us on Twitter!