22 Apr

Kathy’s Top 10 Reasons for the HCG Diet

HCG Kansas CityWith summer right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about your weight – and thinking about it seriously! Summer is a time for lounging by the pool, outdoor parties, and family vacations. It’s a time that most people want to feel and look their very best because they’ll be wearing the very least.

If you tried on one of your favorite summer outfits – or (gasp!) your bathing suit – and you noticed that it’s not quite fitting like it did last year, it’s time to take action…now!

So, why choose the HCG Diet?

The difference between the HCG Drops and any other diet out there is quick results. You won’t have to wait months to achieve your weight loss goal (which is good because you don’t have months). Most people will lose between 1-2 pounds a day on the diet.

HCG Kansas City 10 reasons

  1. It’s quick. You want to lose weight now; the HCG diet will help you lose the unwanted weight as fast as possible.
  2. Success is important. Unlike other diets, if you follow the diet and take the HCG drops, you will be successful. There is not a hidden trick to be successful; it is very straightforward.
  3. Exercise is not required; it is only recommend to do light exercise while on the HCG diet.
  4. Weight loss will improve your energy. This will give you the ability to enjoy more activities this summer.
  5. Losing weight also helps eliminate the chance of other complications such as diabetes, heart problems, or depression.
  6. The HCG diet is easy. It’s a very simple diet to follow with results that are amazing.
  7. We’re here to support you with encouragement and answers to your questions or concerns.
  8. You don’t have to miss your favorite parties and BBQ’s. The HCG diet allows you to continue your summer fun.
  9. You will lose weight in the stomach, arms, and legs first. These are usually the areas of a person’s body that contain the most fat.
  10. Losing weight increases confidence and self-esteem.

HCG Kansas City woman scaleThe HCG Diet plan has been found to decrease the feeling of hunger and lose some of your fat storage without exercise. It helps you lose weight a lot quicker than by going on a normal low calorie diet.

If you want to experience even faster weight loss, we suggest pairing the HCG Diet with our B-12 Lipo Injections. Lipo-B is an injection of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are essential for your health and health of your liver, which is responsible for removing fat and toxins from your body, so if it is healthier, it will work better for you. And Vitamin B12 Lipotropic injections help increase your energy and contribute to the success of your weight loss plan.

So if you’re serious about getting in shape for summer, just call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation. Summer waits for no one…face it fearlessly!


15 Feb

Dieting Tips that Dispel Myths Inspired by Livestrong.com

Weight management is a goal that requires strategy and active efforts and should ultimately result in a lifetime of healthy living, not just a month of losing pounds. Jumping into weight loss with the latest crash diet may actually make you gain weight in the long-run, especially if you develop unhealthy habits in the process. From Livestrong.com, here are some helpful tips for approaching weight loss that dispel some of the myths that fad diets create.

  • Slight diet changes at the beginning will give you the momentum to successfully make bigger changes later on.
  • Avoid lots of juices and beverages (diet or not) that contain empty calories or fake sweeteners. Choose water, the ultimate health promoting liquid.
  • Eating low-calorie, nutrient-rich snacks between meals will help you eat smaller portions at mealtimes while boosting your metabolism.
  • Balance and moderation is the key, so be careful not to deprive yourself too much. Allowing an occasional sweet treat will help you avoid binging later on.
  • Remember to forgive yourself if you slip up. Focus on why you want to lose weight and your success to keep going.

We offer a wide variety of weight loss solutions here at Midwest Medical Associates in Leawood, Kansas including diet programs such as HCG, diet snacks and supplements as well as safe, non-surgical laser liposuction. Visit the MMA website to see our full list of weight loss products and services.


Photo via Livestrong.com

02 Feb

February 2012 Cosmetic Specials at Midwest Medical Aesthetics

February is here, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! So Midwest Medical Aesthetics is offering unbeatable discounts on cosmetic treatments and procedures all month long. Feel confident for that Valentine’s Day date or do something for yourself that your special someone will enjoy, too! Here are the specials we are running for the month of February at Midwest Medical Aesthetics in Leawood, Kansas.


  • New Patient Special: Purchase one area of Dysport™ and get the second area for 1/2 price
  • 4 Week Ideal Protein Diet: $549 for all supplements and Ideal Protein food
  • 23 or 40 Day HCG Prescription Injection: $450 for 23 days or $650 for 40 days, both include maintenance plan book (oral pills also available)
  • Zerona Fat Loss Laser: 9 session special (call the office for current pricing)
  • Lapex Spot Treatment Area Laser: 9 sessions for only $1349
  • Far Infared Sauna: Just $199 per month for unlimited 30-minute sessions
  • Whole Body Vibration Treatments: Only $10 for 10 minutes
  • Accent Body Treatments:$200 per 50 min session of tightening, toning, decreasing cellulite and reducing fat
  • Body Wraps: Inch loss and detox wraps that you can do at home for only $50
  • Lipo B12 Injections: Speed up fat loss and gain energy with $20 per injection or $80 for a one month supply of oral supplements
  • Healthy Food Options: Snacks, puddings, drinks, protein bars, cookies and soups that are delicious and great as a meal replacement
Visit the MMA website to see our other cosmetic specials this month!
29 Jan

How Does the HCG Diet Really Work?

It’s not surprising that a diet that allows you to lose a pound a day for 20 days is going to get a lot of attention. Even if you don’t know exactly what the HCG diet is, you most likely have heard or read about it in the past few years. Hence, we thought we would share with a brief description of what the HCG diet is and how it actually works.

HCG is a human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that women produce during pregnancy. This hormone helps moms to utilize stored fat to ensure there is sufficient energy for her and the baby. During the HCG diet, patients take one dose of this hormone daily while pairing it with a limited calorie diet.

The most commonly asked questions concerns whether patients feel hungry on the HCG diet. The answer is no. This is the real beauty about the HCG diet. Because the hormone allows you to mobilize more stored fats, it provides your body with energy that will leave you feeling satisfied rather than hungry.

Want to learn more? Visit the Midwest Medical Aesthetics website. If you have any questions about HCG or whether you would be a good candidate for the diet program, please call our office in Leawood, Kansas near Kansas City at 913.327.7175 today!


Photo via Nuttakit/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

13 Jan

$50 Off Coupon for HCG at MMA in HERLIFE Magazine

There’s a hot deal in the latest issue of HERLIFE Magazine. You can find a coupon for $50 off of the HCG Weight Loss Diet Plan here at Midwest Medical Aesthetics in the January 2012 issue of HERLIFE Magazine. We offer both the oral and injectible HCG treatments that can help you get in shape in plenty of time before bathing suit season. HCG has been clinically proven to decrease cravings and speed up metabolisms to result in the loss of excess fat. In most cases, patients lose up to a pound a day, without exercise! Learn more about the HCG diet by reading and watching videos on the MMA website.

Contact MMA at our office in Leawood, Kansas near Kansas City by calling 913.327.7175 to set up your body analysis and consultation to get you started on your HCG today! Don’t forget to present your coupon or mention HERLIFE magazine for $50 off your HCG treatment!

13 Oct

See What our Clients Think About the HCG Diet!

Learn about what the HCG Weight Loss Diet Plan is really like by hearing what our clients had to say about it. Here are some testimonials from clients who have tried our HCG Program here at Midwest Medical Aesthetics in Kansas.

“I have to send a thank you to Midwest Medical Aesthetics! I worked the HCG plan along side their HCG supplements and today is my last day. If anyone needs a kick start to get swimsuit ready THIS IS GREAT!!! I have lost 31lbs as of today in ONLY 24 days!!! Call Midwest Medical Aesthetics!! TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!”

~ Jeff

“I had the lap band surgery and still could not lose the last 20 lbs I wanted to lose. I was skeptical about the Hcg and its ability to work since I had tried everything. My doctors could not understand why I wasn’t losing. You told me to give it a try because you said you knew it would work. Sure enough….I have lost over 10 lbs, tons of inches and almost at my goal in just a couple weeks….it is amazing!”

~ B.K.

“I couldn’t believe how easy the Hcg plan was to follow. I lost the 15 lbs I wanted in 3 weeks. results. I love my new body and now have an easy way to maintain my new physique. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to slim down and change their body for a lifetime”

~ J.B.

Learn more by coming for a complimentary consultation at the MMA Center located 11213 Nall Avenue, Suite 140 Leawood, Kansas.