10 Nov

Sun the Safe Way

Your favorite beauty magazine, your dermatologist, and your mother have all made sure that by now you understand the significant health dangers of basking for hours in the sun. Years ago tanning beds became the most popular alternatives to sun bathing, but the impacts were also found to be harmful. Spray tans provide a completely safe and effective substitute so that you can show off your gorgeous skin without worries of melanoma.

Custom Spray Tan

Most run-of-the-mill spray tans are applied by a machine, but custom spray tans offer a personalized session in which your tan is actually applied by a spray tan technician using a high-pressure spray gun. Instead of running the risk of a faulty machine or uneven spray, your custom technician will apply your tan based on your specifications. This only takes about 20 minutes, more or less depending on your area of focus, but results last an entire week.

Health Benefits

The right custom spray tan will actually include concentrated antioxidants to prevent skin damage, and a skin firming formula to reduce wrinkles and pesky fine lines. Of course, spray tanning also prevents harmful sun exposure and saves your skin the additional risk of melanoma.

Enhance Your Appearance

The best custom spray tan will apply you a smooth, even bronze that is free of streaks to give you a gorgeous golden glow. Tans are known to minimize skin imperfections like stretch marks and varicose veins, eliminate obvious tan lines, and help you feel radiant.

Prepare for Your Spray Tan

Diligently exfoliating the day before your spray tan will clean away the dead, dry skin cells to ensure the spray tan works as effectively as possible. It’s also important to avoid shower products and moisturizers that contain high pH levels because they can render the spray tan’s bronzing reaction ineffective.  If you need to shave or wax, be sure all hair is removed a full day before your tanning session.

In 20 quick minutes you can transform into a more confident, glowing version of yourself with newly bronzed skin.