13 Aug

Stay Extra Hydrated with a Little Flavor This Summer!

Drink Water

Though the summer season may be winding down, we still have a few weeks left to soak up the warm air and enjoy our weekends in the sun! As you know, atMidwest Medical Aesthetics we are huge advocates for proper skin care. One of the building blocks to having glowing skin is to drink plenty of water and make sure your body gets plenty of nutrients. Since these tasks are often easier said than done, we offer several products that make staying nourished a little easier.

Aqualyte – This is a fabulous and easy product for transforming distilled water into an antioxidant rich alkaline water.

Water Flavoring Sprays – These sprays are a quick fix to improve the flavor of regular water. They’re also calorie free and fit right into your purse!

Flavor Drops – A few, simple drops can be added to shakes to create delicious recipes. (Also calorie free!)

Alkaline Water Systems – This is the ultimate in boosting your water.. tap water can be transformed into the tastiest water available, right in your home. This water is ionized and clustered differently with increased absorption and antioxidants. It’s perfect for when you’re ready to get serious about your health!

These nutrient-rich products offer fantastic benefits and very reasonable prices. Contact our team at Midwest Medical Aesthetics to learn more about each of them!