16 Jan

Stay Away from These Diet Destroyers

Unfortunately, some foods that you think are safe during your diet are actually keeping you from losing weight. From a recent article we came across in Local 10 Miami News, here are five food items that can be your worst enemies while attempting to lose weight and get in shape this year.

  1. Smoothies – Too often, we give into our cravings for one of these sweet treats because we assume that they are healthy; however, many smoothies are made from a pre-made mix that is high in sugar and calories.
  2. Sodium – If you fix up a plate of steamed vegetables but they are saturated in salt, you won’t be moving any closer to your weight loss goal; when grocery shopping, be sure to check sodium content.
  3. Salad Dressing – A meal packed with fresh veggies is great but be sure not to dose it in a high-fat dressing; opt for oil based dressings as opposed to creamy ones.
  4. Soda – This is no surprise, but what may come to a shock is the fact that diet sodas have been proven to prevent weight loss as well; if you have to have a little fizz, grab a sparkling water instead!
  5. 100-Calorie Snack Packs – These pre-packaged snacks are not as nice as they sound and can keep you from shedding those extra pounds from the holidays; stick to fresh veggies and unsalted nuts instead.

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Source: Local 10