13 Oct

See What our Clients Think About the HCG Diet!

Learn about what the HCG Weight Loss Diet Plan is really like by hearing what our clients had to say about it. Here are some testimonials from clients who have tried our HCG Program here at Midwest Medical Aesthetics in Kansas.

“I have to send a thank you to Midwest Medical Aesthetics! I worked the HCG plan along side their HCG supplements and today is my last day. If anyone needs a kick start to get swimsuit ready THIS IS GREAT!!! I have lost 31lbs as of today in ONLY 24 days!!! Call Midwest Medical Aesthetics!! TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!”

~ Jeff

“I had the lap band surgery and still could not lose the last 20 lbs I wanted to lose. I was skeptical about the Hcg and its ability to work since I had tried everything. My doctors could not understand why I wasn’t losing. You told me to give it a try because you said you knew it would work. Sure enough….I have lost over 10 lbs, tons of inches and almost at my goal in just a couple weeks….it is amazing!”

~ B.K.

“I couldn’t believe how easy the Hcg plan was to follow. I lost the 15 lbs I wanted in 3 weeks. results. I love my new body and now have an easy way to maintain my new physique. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to slim down and change their body for a lifetime”

~ J.B.

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