22 Jul

Rid a lifetime of Stored Toxins with Ion Cleanse Therapy

Midwest Medical Aesthetics offers a therapy that can actually extract toxins that have been stored in your body your whole life. Unfortunately, in the world we live in, toxins are inevitably absorbed by the body. These toxins can cause sicknesses, disease and various pains and symptoms, but the Best Ion Cleanse Therapy can draw out these stored toxins to reduce the negative impact they have on the body.

The Best Ion Cleanse is a foot bath therapy that is safe, effective and rather inexpensive, especially compared to the money you can potentially save in medications and doctor visits. The Ion Cleanse Therapy works by creating an alkaline environment to induce the process of osmosis. It only takes soaking your feet for 35 minutes in warm water that contains the Ion Cleanse “array” for the toxins to be drawn out of the body. You will know it’s working by the color of the water!

Purchase a single session of Best Ion Cleanse at Midwest Medical Aesthetics for only $45 or get a package of 20 soaks for $800. Call us today at (913) 327-7175 to schedule your first foot soak and start feeling the immediate difference of a toxic-free life!