07 May

State of the Industry from the American Society for Plastic Surgery

The annual convention of the American Society for Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) took place in late April, and the Washington Post provided readers with a few take-away points regarding the state of the industry.

First, and most important: “It’s fair to say that plastic surgery is a leading economic indicator and the consumer is back,” said Rollin Daniel, a surgeon from Newport Beach, Calif. Daniel tokes this up to, consumers feeling better about their economic situation and pent-up demand.

* So just what is the hot thing in plastic surgery these days? “Injectables!” That is, collagen and Botox™ and plastic dermal “fillers” that are relatively low in cost, have no surgical risk and require almost no recovery time.

* 90 percent of plastic surgery candidates may be women, but men are an important, growing sector. “The most popular cosmetic surgeries for men last year were lipoplasty (liposuction), rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and gynecomastia, or breast-reduction.”

* Cosmetic surgery isn’t just about indulging a patient’s vanity, it’s about improving self-esteem. “Our patients say, ‘I feel so much better about myself after surgery,’ ” says Thomas Francel, the chief of plastic surgery at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center in St. Louis.” ‘I feel more confident. I feel better about myself, my work, my relationships.’ It’s a perception question. . . The perception can become reality.”